Tau rumors on BoLS

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Tau rumors on BoLS

Post#1 » Jan 17 2010 05:18

http://www.lounge.belloflostsouls.net/s ... php?t=4575

Sounds a little interesting, no?

For those that might not be able to get through the link-
These are the more reasonable rumors related to Tau that have been floating around the internet.

A new codex is in planning, likely slated for 2012, possibly 2011.

Crisis Suits and Broadsides are getting new models. The crisis suit update has apparently been completed for quite some time because GW was unhappy with the fragility of the model (particularily at the ankles). It's possible that the Crisis Suit model will be released before the next codex update, but GW will have to work it into their busy release schedule.

Several Tau models are no longer able to be ordered.

A higher-up at GW stated long ago that, "with every Tau release they will get new allies." There was a sighting of a centaur-like model in progress at GW in 2009, which led to rumors that a new Tau codex might come with Tallerians as allies. The Lexicanum on Tallerians: "Tarellians are a minor reptilian species of alien found throughout much of the galaxy. They are commonly known as Tarellian Dog-soldiers, because of their snouted faces and their habit of working as mercenaries. During the Great Crusade the Imperium virus-bomed most of their home worlds, almost wiping the species out. For this reason they have a great grudge against the Imperium. The Tarellians have not been conquered by the Tau but are often found fighting as mercenaries in their armies, particularly when the war is against humans."

Commander Shadowsun is being either removed or completely reworked, as she was intended as a special release for Cities of Death

The new codex will include a large number of new named characters
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Re: Tau rumors on BoLS

Post#2 » Jan 17 2010 05:53

I don't want to be cynical about this, as I desperately hope that a Tau dex will come in 2011, but TBH I read these rumours a while ago and I'd put them down to a mix of educated guessing and wishlisting. If you tot up the armies that require a new dex, GW's release cycle and factor in that the Tau need (make that deserve) a better dex then 2011 or 2012 at the latest is a reasonable guess. That and the fact Tau battlesuits, especially Broadsides look a little tired, makes them obvious candidates for an update. Other than that plastic Pathfinders and Vespid not to mention new allies or drone variants are pretty clear areas for G-dub to explore.

Don't get me wrong, I would like there to be some truth to this, but it sounds like a conservative pieces of fan speculation. I highly doubt GW are working on codices for 2012 this early in 2010.
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Re: Tau rumors on BoLS

Post#3 » Jan 17 2010 05:54

oooooo I really hope these rumors follow through. I have been jonesing for a new codex for a while now.

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Re: Tau rumors on BoLS

Post#4 » Jan 17 2010 06:21

Honestly, this is all fairly predictable.

Tau codex in 2011-2012 is pretty obvious, just from looking at GW's update cycle. Tau are popular and selling well enough not to get the DE treatment, and they will be one of the last 4th edition codices to get an update to 5th edition.

New crisis suit models are pretty much inevitable. The new forgeworld designs just look so much better, and especially with the release of the XV9, go in a very different direction. And since the battlesuits are a central part of the Tau army, they're something that everyone is going to want to buy, making them a very good choice if Tau are going to get any new models.

New characters are inevitable. It happens with every new codex, just looking at all of the recent ones tells you that Tau are going to get the same treatment. Three characters (one of which is utterly useless) is just not the standard anymore.

New allies are not really inevitable, but not really a surprise either. It fits the Tau theme very nicely, and it's an easy way to add new models that a lot of people are going to want to buy. In fact, it's really the only way for GW to get truly creative in the 40k universe, at least without creating an entirely new army.

Shadowsun's removal/editing is fairly predictable. She's a character that not many people like because of her contradicting roles/equipment, and suffers from some of the 5th edition changes. Obviously removal is the easy way out, but it would also make sense to see some changes to give the character more focus.

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Re: Tau rumors on BoLS

Post#5 » Jan 17 2010 06:52

The centaur like allies date back to Tau original concept art by Crillo, it'd be interesting to see but not exactly a new idea.

Took them almost ten years to get around to them?

The sooner a Tau codex gets released the better, and new suits would be awesome.
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Re: Tau rumors on BoLS

Post#6 » Jan 17 2010 07:19

I have trouble with these rumors, because I remember last summer how everyone was going on about how the new Tau Codex would be released mid-late 2010.


Now I hear 2011, 2012. No veracity in any of it of course, as was pointed out above, but I as many others am desperately hoping for a model and version update. If our update is to come very late in the cycle of editions, as always, then what is the point? We get updated to the 5th edition ruleset right before 6th edition? Then we will be in the same position as before. It's just not a model I like. I'd love to see a release schedule, or find out where those 2010 rumors came from.

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Re: Tau rumors on BoLS

Post#7 » Jan 17 2010 08:05

I agree with tyranny12; they waited until late in the cycle last time around to give Tau a new codex, and if they do the same again we'll be stuck in last-edition limbo yet again after maybe a year. Save the Soul Drinkers or Amber Foxes or whatever other SPace Marine chapter for that time slot, not an entirely separate army-be it Tau, Eldar, Necrons, or whomever.

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Re: Tau rumors on BoLS

Post#8 » Jan 17 2010 08:16

I'd hope shadowsun stays in but with 'fixed' rules, I've used her in a couple of battles and the model is probably one of the best GW tau builds. I have to admit tau have to be in the running for an update soon, dark eldar I assume would be first given that they are still 3rd ed codex?? or very early 4th, (only started last year so not to sure when 3rd, 4th and 5th changes happened). Aun'va is however as you said totally useless, and I cant say I've used farsight yet...don't have enough suits :P but we are sorely lacking in named characters in comparison to most of the other codexes. Cross fingers its towards the end of this year or early next for the update, GW certainly seem to be blitzing through the new codexes and models.

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Re: Tau rumors on BoLS

Post#9 » Jan 17 2010 08:16

Getting a codex update towards the end of the current edition might not be a bad thing. The Beastmen book is coming out soon and then TK after that, and then we get 8th Ed fantasy. But there is stuff in the Beastmen book that is so boggling to the current 7th ed meta game that people were left with 1 conclusion. It's pretty much written with 8th Ed in mind. I know that future proofing books close to new editions isn't what GW is known for, but for all we know, this could be the start of a new trend.

Personally, the rumours all sound nice, I generally take all those things with a pinch of salt, but thanks for pointing it out, as I don't read BoLS. And again, personally, I would prefer a new codex and models sooner rather than later. Drop everything and work on Tau, we won't mind. :)
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Re: Tau rumors on BoLS

Post#10 » Jan 17 2010 09:16

I'm anticipating an update to our actual abilities more-so than just getting new models. Having some way of being mobile or being able to at least resist the slew of fast-moving assaulters is--to me--more important than getting shiny new "stuff". Then again, if the new stuff addresses this issue at the same time, well that'd be two birds with one stone.

As for Auxiliaries, I would -like- for the ones we have to become more useful (especially the painfully-tricky Vespid), but some new ones would be nice as well.

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