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Army Lists

Post#1 » Jun 06 2008 11:06

The following has been recently added to the Membership Primers:

Army Lists

After having browsed ATT for a few hours, you'll undoubtedly have noticed the conspicuous lack of an 'Army Lists' forum; a staple of most modern online Warhammer discussion sites. This is intentional, and it was a conscious decision of the management, since these posts do little to advance the purpose of the site (to promote the development and peer evaluation of serious-minded user-submitted articles). Posts that say "here's a list I'm putting together for a tournament, help me tweak it" (even if it's very well constructed) do not fit this mission statement.

The only army lists that are appropriate on ATT are those being used to demonstrate a new tactic (in which case they'll end up in Tactica), those being using to detail a battle report (in which case they'll end up in Field Experience), or those accompanying pictures of models (in which case they'll end up in Galleries). If you're a looking for generic army list critique, please look to one of the many other excellent online Warhammer 40K discussion forums.

-- T0nkaTruckDriver

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