Armies on Parade

A Display of the best projects and Cadres on ATT.
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Armies on Parade

Post#1 » Dec 05 2017 12:34

Encouraged by the motivational thread, I'd like to create a gallery to showcase the creative work of the ATT collective, by posting fully painted armies. It will be really nice to see all the Septs and colour schemes in one easy to access thread.

Here are some basic guidelines for what I think will create a good collection:-

  • Fully painted models only
  • No limitation on unit size or type
  • Ideally posed around good looking terrain
  • One picture per army
  • Minimal text, just the Sept, Cadre and Commander name (optional)

I'll post mine up on Thursday.
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Re: Armies on Parade

Post#2 » Dec 05 2017 05:18

what about links? I now use imgur now that photobucket is wrecked, whole army pics are hard to assemble due to space for me. If my post isn't what you're looking for, I can delete upon notice.

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