Mods abusive at Dakka Dakka and Lie

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Mods abusive at Dakka Dakka and Lie

Post#1 » Jul 14 2017 05:17

Hey folks I'm new here. I got really sick of Dakka Dakka being a hostile hell hole of filth. Mods that lie then Doctor posts. Hopefully the Mod team here doesn't treat people like crap let trolling happen then Jump on the person being abused when they defend themselves or ask for help from abuse.

Anyone else experience Mod abuse? and Lies from Dakka Dakka

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Re: Mods abusive at Dakka Dakka and Lie

Post#2 » Jul 14 2017 05:53

Sorry to hear that. Can't say I experienced anything like that but then again I'm pretty much never on DakkaDakka since I'm active on B&C already.

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Re: Mods abusive at Dakka Dakka and Lie

Post#3 » Jul 14 2017 06:21

This is my favorite 40k community, and I suspect you will find plenty of quality, reasonable people here, in both the Mods and the users.

I mostly lurk and read, but every time I've posted something, I've had positive, engaged responses.

Every instance I've seen in which a Mod has had to step in, it has been clearly explained what has gone wrong, and how it can be avoided in the future (often: here are the community guidelines. Read them and follow them).

In short; welcome to Advanced Tau Tacticia!

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Re: Mods abusive at Dakka Dakka and Lie

Post#4 » Jul 14 2017 06:25

While I am sorry to hear your experience elsewhere was less than favourable, bringing it up here does go against the grain a bit.

I can see where you would want to vent your frustration and I would feel the same under the circumstances. But airing it here doesn't really do much besides just that. Unfortunately, we don't have any sway over at DD (not that you implied we would) and can't resolve it.

I will lock this thread for now, as I don't want to foster any negative conversation about another forum in our modelling section.

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