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[4] Features & FAQ

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Good posts speak for themselves. This is something we may change down the track, but for now 55 characters should be enough. Image/banner signatures are not permitted. Banners and images of sorts in one's own Member Profile are perfectly fine, however.

Similar to the signature question. At this stage, we're not going to provide image hosting as it uses too much valuable bandwidth. With the plethora of free image hosting options available, it's hardly necessary.

The Moderation Team

Site Moderators:

Kor'Vre SpartanTau
Shas'Vre Fraggle
Shas'Vre Dal'yth Mont'sha
Kor'Vre Didi et Gogo
Shas'Vre Duredhel
Shas'Vre El'mo
Kor'vre modelglue
Fio'vre Agentarrow
Shas'vre Jefffar
Shas'vre shasocastris
Shas'vre De'terra
Shas'vre Da Skyman
Por'vre Aun Tier
Fio'Vre Bear

Shas'Vre (Ret.) Prophaniti
Shas'Vre (Ret.) Mnemonic

Senior Moderators:

Shas'El Sa'cea Mont'yr
Fio'El Wolfs16
Gue'El Che Gue'vesa
Fio'El Theambit
Por'El Lyi'ot

Site Founders/Administrators:

Fio'O Tael Site Founder.
Shas'O T0nkaTruckDriver Site Founder.
Por'O (Ret.) Orange-Bell Site Founder.
Kor'O P'Shar's Rifles Site Founder.
Shas'O Eiglepulper
Por'O Revrandom
Drill-Shas'O Doombringer

General FAQ

Powered by Renewable Energy? you're kidding right?
Actually no, the site owners and administrators have sought out and selected a hosting service which utilises power provided by Wind farms. We're as green as we are blue here on ATT.

Is it permissible to post models to sell/buy?
In this case, we mean those models which have either been purchased by you from a manufacturer/supplier such as Games Workshop, or ones which you have converted from such models. We are not referring here to ones which you have designed and built yourself; please see the next section for information on our stance regarding them. We here at ATT are perfectly fine with posting models for sale/purchase - however - we will not be held responsible for any wrong-doing that occurs during the process. Furthermore, once interest is expressed, please take the discussion off-site and conduct final negotiations via email or PM. If you want a bullet-proof solution, there's always Ebay.

Ebay Auctions: yes or no?
ATT does permit its members to inform the community about any Ebay Auctions they may currently have in progress. A link to the relevant auction/seller's name should be entered in your signature. By advertising your auction in this way, you can continue to participate as normal in the forums while "bringing your auction alert with you" each time you post.

**Please note that ATT's stance about not being held responsible in any way for wrong-doing also applies to auctions/sales advertised in a member's signature.**

Once your auction has ended, please remember to cancel your signature's announcement.

Advertising & Commerce on Advanced Tau Tactica
1. Non-ATT-sanctioned commerce (advertising or soliciting items for purchase) is prohibited using our forum software. Members are, of course, free to contact each other outside of the forum if they wish to arrange a purchase or exchange. ATT takes no responsibility for the outcomes of these dealings.

It is recommended that all members who do not wish to be contacted privately about purchase of their custom work, please make this clear in their Project blogs to avoid unwanted 'will you sell me one of those?' private messages.

2. It is also not permitted to post links which turn out to be covert advertising. Again this is due to the ATT forum terms and conditions of service.

Drawing attention to online Dealers/Traders
It is acceptable to suggest that a particular online supplier be added to the list of dealers/traders flagged up within ATT's "Buying Online" resources. It is requested that you have had several personal dealings with the dealer you are highlighting before putting their name forward.

There are a couple of caveats when submitting a post of this nature:
1. Indicating that the dealer/trader offers a discount to the standard product RRP is fine.
2. Posting a specific special offer relating to a particular item that they are offering is not fine, as this could be construed by ATT's host ISP as advertising or soliciting items for purchase, which could/would break the ATT forum terms and conditions of service.

"Dealer X offers 20% discount on all products, with an extra 1% for orders over Y amount" is fine because it is a general statement.
"Dealer X is selling Commander Farsight at half price. Go buy one while you can" is not acceptable as it is promoting a single specific item.

I think ATT is a fascist, evil website. Why are you limiting my freedom of expression by implementing word filters and expecting me to be decent when that's just not "who I am"?

P'Shar's Rifles wrote:I appreciate the points of view being expressed here. However, I feel I have to point out that the mods are not restricting anyone's freedoms in any way OUTSIDE OF THIS FORUM. There are few "social settings" which do not contain at least an implicit code of behavior, and limits which are agreed to by those participating in order to serve the greater social unit. Those who do not agree to that code of behavior are free to lobby for a change, or, ultimately, to not participate.

The mods have said that they want to maintain a certain kind of social setting here, which they feel is not furthered by allowing "swearing", discussions of politics, discussions of religion, and probably other things they haven't even spelled out. This is their right and their obligation as custodians of the environment they have built and are maintaining. Although we should all be free to question those judgements, ultimately they may enforce whatever rules they feel are necessary for the "Greater Good".

Many of us endured the inconsistencies and problems with MSN because the discussion was so good we were willing to swallow the frustration. It would be a shame if anyone on here left because they weren't allowed to swear. I would think the quality of discussion here would be enough reason to stay.

Really, the situation is self-correcting. If the board begins to feel too restrictive to too many people, and their requests for change are not met, they will leave and start their own board, and the only folks who stay will be those who find the benefits outweigh the inconveniences.

Kai'lore wrote:Have G-rated movies been subjected to Censorship? Is being asked to leave a nice restaurant because you have decided to stand up and explain your thoughts on the meal in colourful language, censorship? Is being asked to leave the lobby of a nice hotel because you decided it was your right to scream obscenities, censorship?

Of course not, that's breaking the common sense rules of public behaviour.

Equally, if you were all at my house, friends of all ages because I'm an equal opportunity friend, and one of you started to behave in a way that I thought was inappropriate for my other guests: If I asked you not to do it, would that be censorship? I have a responsibility for each one of you, but a greater responsibility to the group as a whole.

This is not a public board, it's a private board for Tau players to get together to discuss how much we enjoy our Tau armies. All private places may establish rules, it's their prerogative.

In visiting this private forum, is it so much to ask to abide by the lowest common denominator and keep it G-rated? I really don't think so at all, and in fact I think it is one of the founding core values that has set us apart and helped us grow and attract quality members over the years.


"Freedom of Expression", I really like that idea. It depends on where you are for how free you can be or feel..

The Internet can be an impersonal place, and without the physical peer group pressure of a group to confirm to, it can let otherwise very nice people let their not so nice side out for a stroll without the perceived threat of retribution.

I would be very proud of the forum if everyone would conduct themselves as if invited over to OB's living room for a cup of tea!

The Administrator and Moderator Staff of Advanced Tau Tactica reserves the right to delete posts and even ban users with little to no warning - for any reason. Those who are socially incompatible with ATT's Standards will be dealt with on a member-to-member basis with varying levels of action taken as deemed necessary at the time.
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