Miniatures [Alternate Alien & Ally Miniatures] UPDATED!

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Miniatures [Alternate Alien & Ally Miniatures] UPDATED!

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Welcome Fellow Fio,

Some of you may know my work on the Naga'la and Shea'Shi auxiliaries I field for my tau cadre. Fun to make and confirmation I'm a nutcase for converting stuff. I make up my own models.. and then convert them.

However, some folks are time poor and finding aliens to fight with or against your Tau beyond the Games Workshop range is a big question. Please enjoy this extensive collection of some of the best Miniature lines I have come across over the last ten years. Do support independent miniature companies!

GW Inquisitor Alien Generator :
Alien Generator PDF
Whilst based in the Inquisitor 54mm scale game, it serves as a great guide to designing your aliens.
GW Creature Feature Generator :
Creature Feature Generator PDF
Files provided by Shas'El Tael and Gniknok

Alternate Alien and Ally Miniature Ranges;
[Filtered for quality, suitability, scale (28mm) and originality]

Antenocitis Workshop
Wide range of useful and well priced sci fi models, scenery and extras. Great for conversions, easy to navigate and generally very good. An excellent store, well recommended.
Image Image

Mantic Aliens
Mantic has a few ranges on the go presently and one spin off in particular has been exploring alien entities. Member El'mo sent this one in

Mantic Warpath
Mantic has launched their new Warpath battle game that has humans, Veermin, Plague and Asterian forces. The most alien of the three being the Veermin and Asterians pictured:


Gates of Antares Forces
Beyond the Gates of Antares is Warlord's own Science Fiction wargame, written by Rick Priestley. The first model releases are already available in our webstore. Several factions are included. The figures are slightly larger than GW figures, though the aliens can get away with this easily.

Dark Potential Miniatures Game
Where humanity is holding on to its very survival. Where nature has reclaimed what was once hers. Where hostile aliens seek to finish what they failed to accomplish a hundred years ago: Destroy all of humanity. Pretty dramatic stuff, but some nice Protoss-esque aliens, the X'lanthos. There is also the 'Reclaimer' faction which would make suitably helmed bipedal opponents as in Battleship, the Movie.

Zombie Smith, Retro Sci-Fi Quar troopers and Alien travellers range (new 2010) [Link]
They have light, and specialist infantry models plus extras. all World War 1 themed.
Image Image

Regiment Games & Scale Creep Miniatures, Drantakh & Rar Infantry Teams sculpted by Bob Olley. [Link]
They have light and heavy infantry models in a small mix of poses. The range has of late expanded to include officers, heavy weapons and even Driver models. One of the best ranges for fighting alongside or against your Tau.
Image Image
Image Image

Hasslefree Miniatures, Sci Fi miniatures [Link]
Kev White, a master sculptor has a superb range of miniatures, especially the diminutive Grymn and the evil Borkhan and sci-fi Zombie range. Various infantry types catered for. Those pictured are for quality example only, the range is massive.

Ral Partha's 'VOR' Shard Alien Faction[Link]
Whilst VOR the game system has been discontinued, the miniatures thankfully, are readily available through their UK/European studio. These are Shard, a crystalline race of psionic users. Several infantry types and a few differing quadrupedal assault troops.
Image Image Image

Spriggan Miniatures, Spugs! [Link]
A great range of insectoid alien miniatures, there are light, heavy and jump infantry models plus extras.
Image Image Image

Spartan Games Miniatures & Zombismith, Domain of Light & Steel [Link]
A new range of 28mm alien miniatures, the Tu'Ook and the Jakrats. Presently they have miners and heavy infantry models for the Tu'Ook and their enemies the Jakrats, warrior automatons. Check them out!
Image Image

[UPDATE] The range has been picked up by ZombieSmith, now released as the To'Ok with the soon to be released Ute'wehi faction, originally the 'Jakrats' line. New images below :
Image Image

Corvus Belli's sci-fi Manga inspired range "Infinity" [Link]
A collection of light to heavy infantry and small mecha, several factions make up the range, I recommend the PanOceania & Yu Jing for Tau mecha stylings and the Combined faction for "aliens". The Ariadna range is along the lines of "mercenary-style" troops, suitable for Human Auxiliaries.
Image Image

Urban Mammoth miniatures, Void1.1 & Urban War [Link]
A good range of miniatures with various infantry from several 'Factions'.

3D miniatures, Sci Fi Aliens [Link]
Recently released multi-era Aliens in the classic 'Grey' style. The range has poses using Psionic powers also.

Alternate Parts:

Paulson Games, SciFi Parts and Models [Link]
In today’s bitz market, there are several companies who have taken to producing weapons or gear that can be used on a variety of miniatures. One of those companies is out very own Paulson Games. So I decided to take a look at some of the 28mm and 54mm parts he has available.
Image Image

Alternate Vehicle Models:

Resin Addict, SciFi vehicles [Link]
A new kit in 30mm scale, with origins in Anime and manga walker mecha lending it suitable as an advanced walker or gue'la vehicle for your cadre. The range is set to expand too with a group of enthusiastic modellers at their core. You can see the creator's blog here. Please contact the Resin Addict team off site. A Tau commander miniature has been inserted into the second image for and idea of scale.
Image Image

Old Crow Miniatures, SciFi human vehicles [Link]
A great range of futuristic wheeled, hover and grav vehicles in 25mm scale, suitable as gue'la vehicles for your cadre. Their range of fortifications and emplacement guns is superb too.

Alternate Terrain Models:

Micro Art Studio[Link]
A great range of scenery and parts. More recently they have been creating laser cut building structures for sci fi gaming. Very suitable to prefab housing in Tau colonies etc.
Image Image

Warmill's Barricade system[Link]
Another producer of more gothic structures in the 28mm scale, the modular Barricade system.

Gamecraft Interiors and 28mm buildings[Link]
Producing an array of scales, their new Sci Fi Interiors range is well crafted and allows for many options and genres of gaming.

Sarissa Precision's System-8[Link]
Taking on Micro Art Studio in the Infinity market, Sarissa have produced a range of habitation pods for off world colonies and the like. Superb stuff.

Alternate Battlefleet Gothic Miniatures:

Ninja Magic Miniatures[Link]
A great range of spaceships. Multiple factions in gorgeous detail. Part of their "With Hostile Intent" range. Capital ships through to Destroyers, Freighters and colony vessels. An extensive range.
Image Image Image

Expanded Links:

Star-Ranger News
A great news site on Space Ship miniatures from various manufacturers. Perfect for alternate Battlefleet Gothic opponents![Link]

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