Modelling [GW/Player Created Tau Auxiliaries]

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Modelling [GW/Player Created Tau Auxiliaries]

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Games Workshop & Player Created Tau Auxiliary
Updated by Shas'El Tael, links & concept by ALF.

GW Inquisitor Alien Generator :
Alien Generator PDF
Whilst based in the Inquisitor 54mm scale game, it serves as a great guide to designing your aliens.
GW Creature Feature Generator :
Creature Feature Generator PDF
Files provided by Shas'El Tael and Gniknok

Making new Auxiliaries all too much?
ATT's Alternate Tau & Alien Miniatures Resource
Just in case you're inspired to paint different, not make different.

[GW Auxiliaries]

Kroot, Koot Hound, Kroot Ox and Shaper.
by Agis Neugebauer

Kroot Master Shaper.
by Honza

Vulture Kin, Kroot Hound, Kroot Ox, Gnarloc, Great Knarloc, Kroot Bird, Kroot Hawk

GW Kroot Mercenaries :
Kroot Mercenaries Rules PDF
A whole army list based on sub species Kroot eg. Vultures, Brutes etc.

Gnarlocs and Great Gnarlocs available at
Image Image Image

Gamesday UK 2006 KrootBird. LE.

Vespid Drones and Vespid Strain Leader.
Image courtesy Games Workshop.

Gue'Vesa Auxiliary
An example Gue'Vesa La'Rua.
by Sebastian Stuart (Shas'El Tael)
Human Auxiliaries by Andy Hoare (GW)
Gue'Vesa Rules [PDF]
A brief set of rules allowing the use of Gue'Vesa in games of WH40k.

[Other Auxiliary]

Demiurg [WH40k Dwarves?]
Image Image
by Jes Goodwin

Hrud [WH40k Skaven?]
Best 'official' image sourced in Xenology by Simon Spurrier published by GW Black Library.
by Yukio

Hrenian [?] Ref: unit named in Apocolypse Rule book (Hrenian Light Infantry)
Morallian [?] Ref: unit named in Apocolypse Rule book (Morallian Death Sworn)
Tarellian [Reptilian Canines?]
Uber_Kroot's Interpretation

Nicassar [Bear-like or Celaphods?] (Conflicting information)
Image courtesy Games Workshop.

[Untitled Concept Art by Roberto Cirillo]
Centaur 1
Centaur 2
4 Armed Mercenary
4 Armed Reptile
Early Vespid Concept 1
Early Vespid Concept 2

Player Auxiliaries (Unofficial)

The B'Tavi by Babaganoosh
The B'Tavi are a hardy species of Arthropods, and are fully committed to the cause of the Greater Good. Their civilization had already self-destructed when the Tau discovered them, the victim of vicious factionalism and infighting. The Tau brought back the B'Tavi species from the brink of annihilation and helped them reshape their culture under the principle of the Greater Good. By the time of the Third Sphere of Expansion, the B'Tavi were fully contributing members of the Empire, and one of the most loyal species in the Empire. The B'Tavi evolved in a Sulfur-based atmosphere, which makes them singularly useful within the Empire for terraforming and hazardous duty in Sulfur environments, although it means that among most other species they are forced to don Sulfur rebreathers. The B'Tavi only recently began contributing troops to the Tau Empire's Auxiliary forces, having renounced violence after reflecting on their brush with self-annihilation, a policy only recently reversed.

Image Image

The Mato.
[by Shas'El Tael]
Image Image

The Naga.
Conversion Article
[by Shas'El Tael]
Image Image
by Shas'El Tael (Left) Alternate model by Nnom (Right)

The Shea'Shi.
Conversion Article
[by Shas'El Tael]

The Kwar'la.
[by Typhoid Garry of WIP Forums]

The Touren.
[by Maxxev]

Any suggestions of completed Auxiliary Project Online, please Message Shas'El Tael.

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