Tau vs AM 1500p - Taurus Carricare

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Tau vs AM 1500p - Taurus Carricare

Post#1 » Jul 12 2017 10:18

My second game with Tau in 8th edition.

Mission: Maelstrom of War - Spoils of War
Deployment: Dawn of War

Tau (all drones are gun drones)
> Supreme Command Detachment (+1 CP)
1x Coldstar with ATS and SG
1x Ethereal with hover drone and 2 drones
1x QFC and 2 drones
> Battallion Detachment (+3 CP)
1x Longstrike with Railgun, 2x seekers and 2 drones
1x Cadre Fireblade and 2 drones
3x12 Strike Team, 1x DS8 with SMS and 2 drones
2x5 Pathfinders
1x Hammerhead with Railgun, 2x seekers and 2 drones

Astra Militarum (hazy details)
>Battallion Detachment (+3CP)
1x Company Commander
1x Tempestor Prime with Tempestus Command Rod
1x Ministorum Priest
1x Command Squad with Medic and Vox-caster
2x10 Infantry Squad with Vox-caster and Grenade Launcher
1x40 Conscripts
3x Taurox with 2x Autocannon
2x Taurox Prime with Multilaser (he forgot they come with Hot-Shot Volley Gun) and Taurox Battle Cannon
1x Militarum Tempestus Scion with 2x Meltagun
1x Militarum Tempestus Scion with 2x Grenade Launcher
1x Militarum Tempestus Command Squad with 4x Meltagun
1x3 Armoured Sentinels with Multilaser and Hunter-Killer Missile
1x Basilisk
1x2 Wyvern

I lost the objective deployment, so I could pick a side - chose the one with 2 objectives inside the deploy zone and 1 quite close to it.

He started deploying his stuff: Tempestus Scions inside both Taurox Primes (meltagun unit on his right flank, grenade one on the middle); Basilisk on his left flank close to the 2 Wyverns (1 completely hidden, the other exposed); Company Commander and Command Squad inside a Taurox before the exposed Wyvern; Conscripts around the Priest on the left side of his central flank; Armoured Sentinels on the middle; the other 2 Tauroxes with normal infantry inside (one to the right, other to the middle); Tempestor Prime and Tempestus Command Squad on deep strike.

My deploy was this: Longstrike and Hammerhead on m right flank (to take out the Basilisk), 1 Strike Team before them to deal with infantry; Ethereal, 2 Strike Teams and Cadre Fireblade on the central flank; 1 Pathfinder between the tanks and 1 Strike Squad; 1 Pathfinder on my left flank, with Coldstar behind them; QFC on deep strike.

He lost the Seize and I didn't use Vanguard on either Pathfinder teams, as they were already in cover and with good sight of most enemies.

Tau Turn 1
Coldstar jumps ahead to objective 4 (not far from the Pathfinders) while 1 Pathfinder goes down to deny Tempestus any deep strike area. 1 Firewarrior from the right Strike Team moves up to grab objective 5. Ethereal activates FnP 6+.
QFC arrives on a ruin near the exposed Wyvern and the Company Commander's Taurox.

Cadre Fireblade marks a normal Taurox; the left Pathfinder team marks the meltagun-carrying Taurox Prime and the right Pathfinder team marks the exposed Wyvern.
Coldstar opens fire against the meltagun Taurox, but hardly scracthes it (2W). Longstrike aims his railgun, loads the ammunition, press fire... and rolls an 1. To make things worse, I completely forgot to use a command point there! :(
At least he managed to deal 2MW on the Wyvern. Anyway, his fella Hammerhead dealt 2W to the Basilisk and 1MW to the Wyvern. Seekers were no more.
Strike Teams cripple the marked Taurox a little bit. QFC arrives in his hero pose, points out his 4 weapons and... leaves the Wyvern at 1W, as also the Company Commander Taurox. The right flank Strike Team, seizing the opprotunity, divides its fire between both vehicles - dealing 0W. :dead:

AM Turn 1
All vehicles move up, except the artillery pieces and the Company Commander Taurox, which reverses and tries to escape the QFC (after disembarking the people inside). Conscripts move up, as their tag-alonging Priest.
The hurt middle flank Taurox disgorges his infantry first, before speeding up - the soldiers hide behind a church. He didn't deep strike the Tempestus.

Sentinels fire their hunter-killer missiles and manage to rob 4W from Longstrike and 2 from the Hammerhead. Basilisk wiffs his roll and the almost-rubble Wyvern kills 1 Firewarrior. The full-wounds one kills 4 Firewarriors.
THe other vehicles don't do much aside killing one Pathfinder unit (1st blood).

Tau Turn 2
QFC moves up to be less than 9" to the Company Commander Taurox and the deprecated Wyvern. Drones from the right flank Strike Team advance towards the Basilisk. Coldstar stays put, as I need to take objective 4 again...
Once again, Ethereal opts for FnP 6+ aura.

Longstrike this time hits with his railgun and hurts the Basilisk only a bit (3W). His pal fails to do anything.
QFC finally kills both almost-wrecked vehicles, and the explosion of the Taurox almost kills the priest, kills some Conscripts, hurts the Company Commander and kills 2 Command Squad members.
Strike Teams finally kill the wounded (and empty) Taurox; Coldstar keeps firing at the meltagun-Taurox Prime, hurting it more (7W).

AM Turn 2
He deep struck the Tempestus (with the Pathfinders dispatched, he could bring them in easily) while moving everything up, disembarking both Tempestus and the other infantry behind terrain.

Ordered FRFSRF to the Conscripts, dealing 2W to my QFC. Meltagun Tempestus dealt 1W to my Coldstar (the only moment in the game I had to use the shield generator), but the deep-striking Meltagun Tempestus Command took 10W from my Hammerhead.

He failed a charge against my QFC by 1".

Tau Turn 3
QFC jumped the hill to get a view of the Wyvern. 2 Drones kept moving towards the Basilisk. Coldstar jumped out to the church, staying 3" away from the unit already there. Longstrike and Hammerhead drones disembarked to face the Tempestus, as the Strike Team nearby moved up to deal with them.

Longstrike left the Basilisk with 2W; the Hammerhead used Submunitions on the Tempestus Command Squad, to no avail. The drones were more efficient and killed 2 of them; the Strike Team killed the other 2 (only the Prime remained).
The Strike Teams at the middle started plucking away woudns from another approaching Taurox.
QFC manage to deal 12W with 2 dice and melted the Wyvern. Drones fire at the basilisk, plucking another wound.
Coldstar kills 7 of 10 models from the infantry platoon on the church.

Same drones charge the Basilisk; lost one on the process, but stood there for the rest of the fight. Drones charged the Tempestor Prime, lost 1 in the fight and another in the moral phase.

AM Turn 3
Things went downhill for the Tau here. QFC was killed by another FRFSRF from Conscripts, Tempestor Prime killed the Hammerhead with a krak grenade and the Pathfinders were killed by stuff, as was one of the Strike Teams on the middle; the other one was mauled by ther est of his army. He charged one of my Strike Teams with his Taurox.

Tau Turn 4
My 3 cards were objectives in his deploy zone.

I was left with Longstrike, 1.5 Strike Teams, Fireblade, Ethereal and 6 drones. He had 1 smashed Taurox Prime, 1 in good condition, Tempestor Prime, all the Conscripts, Sentinels and Tempestor Scions.
I had nothing able to kill the capturing units to deny he robbing me from them at the final of his turn 4 or stuff strong enough to win the game, so we called it there.

post-battle analysis:
- don't trust in only 3 AT sources, especially if they have 1 shot. Railguns really disappointed me here.
- MSU pathfinders don't work at all vs good shooting armies. The enemy need 1 shooting phase to dispatch them (even in terrain).
- Firewarriors managed to hurt vehicles, especially when they came within 15".
- don't forget your Ethereal auras... forgot the FnP 6+ at his turn 2 and one Strike Team paid the price. Also, don't forget CPs!
- Taurox (and Chimeras) are cheap enough (not even 100p) to ferry special weapons to your face. They are M12" T7 3+ W10. Firewarriors can't kill them fast enough, though.
- As I was expecting, heavy shooting armies can deal much better with Tau than heavy melee ones, as it happened in my previous battle report.
- I was too worried about the Basilisk, but in the end the Sentinels did much more than it. Should've killed the exposed Wyvern, let the QFC deal with the other Wyvern and the Basilisk and use the LS/HH duo to hunt transports/sentinels.
- I think the other list, with 2 QFCs, Stealth Suits and the pulse accelerator drones was better than this one.

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Re: Tau vs AM 1500p - Taurus Carricare

Post#2 » Jul 12 2017 10:52

Always take SMS on longstrike.

30" range, hit on 2+ and wound all vehicles on a 4+ (remember tank ace works on his secondary weapons too.)

Yes Railguns are rediculously underpowered in this edition.

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Re: Tau vs AM 1500p - Taurus Carricare

Post#3 » Jul 12 2017 11:07

Lechai Skull wrote:Always take SMS on longstrike.

30" range, hit on 2+ and wound all vehicles on a 4+ (remember tank ace works on his secondary weapons too.)

Yes Railguns are rediculously underpowered in this edition.

I wanted to test if giving him and his buddy gun drones could work. Their drones didn't do anything serious, so yeah, back to SMS.

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Re: Tau vs AM 1500p - Taurus Carricare

Post#4 » Jul 12 2017 11:26

and yeah: QFC > HH vs tanks

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Re: Tau vs AM 1500p - Taurus Carricare

Post#5 » Jul 13 2017 01:18

Really unfortunate to hear how our most "feared" tank struggles at taking down some simple transport vehichles. Also seeing taurox transports cost under 100p and packing such a punch with their weaponry it really seems like our vehichles feel completely underwhelming... (I'm looking at you vehichle mounted butst cannons :( )
Really nice and detailed report. Thank you for sharing and sorry for such a pessimistic response of mine...

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