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Elsy'eir Sept Project Log

Posted: Sep 13 2017 06:04
by Nooch'un
So this is the start of my project log as I assemble and paint along with some mods (CiBs for Days), I have an imgur account on my signature with more photos but I'll post my favorites here.

I'll post more sept info as I fluff it up but I am rolling with The Elsy'eir Sept, I am a paint before play type but have a army list I am work towards but here's all the models I will be working on currently

Ethereal (2) - Converting into Cadre Fireblades
Commander (2) - 1 Commander Model, 1 Xv8
Xv8 (5) - Various
Xv25 (3) - Bursts and Homing Beacon
Fire Warriors (30)
Pathfinders (10) - 3 Rails
Shield Drone (6)
Marker Drone (4)
Gun Drone (16)

I'll take suggestions on Drones just want to have a good amount of Gun drones.

Thank you for your time, all criticism is appreciate and these guys haven't had a wash and are still works in Progress like most things I'll post. Thanks again.

Re: Elsy'eir Sept Project Log

Posted: Sep 14 2017 11:42
by Ironsky
All looking good so far! Unusual colour scheme with the muted bronze and vivid blue. Very striking!

Is that a CIB conversion I see in there?

Re: Elsy'eir Sept Project Log

Posted: Sep 14 2017 11:54
by Panzer
Interesting color scheme indeed. Not really a fan of metallic armor plates on T'au but I could see this one working for me with a little bit more blue and a different color distribution. ^^

Re: Elsy'eir Sept Project Log

Posted: Sep 14 2017 06:12
by Nooch'un
Yeah I enjoy the color scheme, I've played with a few others and just like it plus I back it up with the sept background for fluff with the Bronze representing the mining base of the sept and the bright teal to show the arts which Elsy'eir is also known for. I haven't done any washes or weathering so I'm hoping that will dull down the contrast.

Yep the little Commander is going to be a Quad CiB and I'm just waiting until I crack open my pathfinder box to mount two more on the outside using Axioma_TAU's Conversion in the modeling sub section.

Yeah I think I may incorporate some more blue to the plating, thank you for the comments, tips ideas always appreciated.

Edit : Also any advice on to make my Drones interchangeable is much appreciated

Re: Elsy'eir Sept Project Log

Posted: Sep 19 2017 08:04
by Nooch'un

Since I realized I'm going to need every extra part I have to make CiB's for my Xv8 squads I've decided to switch gears and work on everything else starting with my pathfinders. I work piece by piece painting so I've gotten just the bottom half of the finder done along with my base plans so yep here are some shots of the basing for what my army will be standing on.

Thank you for your time all criticism and ideas appreciated and encouraged.