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Re: My first Battles as Tau Blog Updated(18/10/10)

Post#37 » Feb 17 2011 02:04

So I started up some blood angels, and after having a nice long break from the tau and a weekend off when there was a tournament I dusted off my boys and decided to get a good scrap or two in. Unfortunately I assumed it would be a standard 2000 point tournament. Instead I walked into an 1850 Ard Boyz style tournament. Some people had a good laugh or two at my armies expense, but there were a lot of people taking a closer look at my conversions which is always rewarding. Plus when people talk my army down it just makes it better when I do well. So I took out my black pen and scribbled out a unit of 10 kroot, and a broadside from The alternate GT list I had up. Man I wish I had brought that list it played so nice. Well here is my 1850 point list.

1 X Fire Knife Commander, 2 Shield Drones - With Bass

3 X Fire Knives, 2 Gun Drones, Bonded (Hoplites) - Light Blue Circle

3 X Fire Knives, 2 Gun Drones, Bonded (Plane Janes) - Light Blue Circle

3X Death Rains, 1 Gun Drone, Bonded - Pink Circle

6 X Fire Warriors (Ares Squad) - In Devilfish

6X Fire Warriors (Hades Squad) - White Circle

1 X War fish, Not Fast -Brown Arrow

5 X Path Finders - Purple Circle

1 X War fish, Not Fast - Brown Arrow

1 X Piranha, Fusion Blaster, Disruption Pod, Targeting Array - Light Blue Diamond

1 X Piranha, Fusion Blaster, Disruption Pod, Targeting Array - Light Blue Diamond

2 X Bass, 2 X Shield Drones, Bonded, Target Lock on Leader - Dark Blue Cirlce

1 X Ion Head - Light Blue Arrow

1 X Rail Head - Orange Arrow

So there were plenty of guard space wolves and Blood Angels players out there. Not another one fighting for the greater good. With trepidation in my heart I sat down at my first table and looked across at my opponent and saw a blood angels force. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw it was not an all jumper list and had no land raider. Win lose or draw I was getting another look at this army

So the list.

1 X Mephiston - Black Dot

2 X Sanguinary priests (one in each Tactical squad)

10 X Tactical Marines , Las Cannon, Plasma Gun - Black circle on right

10 X Tactical Marines, Power Fist, Combi Melta, Las Cannon, Melta Gun - Black Cricle in Middle

10 X Assault Marines, Power Fist, 3 Plasma Pistols

1 X Baal Predator, Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolter -Maroon Box

1 X Baal Predator, Flames torm Cannon, Heavy Flamers - Orange Box

2 X Attack Bikes, Multi-Meltas

1 X Predator, Autocannon, Las Cannon Sponsons - Brown Box

2 X Vindicator, Siege Shield - Black Box

It was 5 objectives Pitched Battle. I won the roll off and let him go first. Which by the way is awesome that I got the choice and have some control over my destiny unlike some other scenario I may have mentioned against a different Blood Angels player. The set up looked roughly like this with borwn being forest, Light green being hills Grey being a structure.

Battle 1

*Slight addendum, the piranha on the right flank is really supposed to be on the extreme left flank on the left of the grey blob which is supposed to represent a landing pad.

I win the roll off and let my opponent go first hoping to be able to make my objective contesters more effective. My Kroot are outflanking in this mission. His Flame Baal Predator rushes forward directly 12" in front of my ion head. His assault marine squad deep strikes. His bikes get furious charge from the red thirst.

His First Turn:
All his tanks move forward except for his predator which sort of chills behind the two Vindicators. The bikes Swing round the extreme left flank, and Mephiston moves up the middle.
Baal Predator flames the Commander squad with predictably no losses. The demolishers however take out the left devilfish, and reduce the left fire knife unit to a single crisis suit and gun drone. The Rail Head cannot shoot next turn.

My First Turn:
Both the piranha's turbo boost in front of the vindicators. The Battered crisis suit team leader jumps onto the landing pad and takes a wound. The Fire warriors on the right get into their devilfish. The Hammerhead moves up in front of the hill, and the ion head moves behind the Baal predator on the right. Suits jockey for firing position. The in side Vindicator has all its weapons blow off, Bothe Baal Predators are destroyed, The other vindicator may not move or fire. My Deathrains hop behind the devilfish, The Fire Knives on the right hide behind the hammerhead.

His Second Turn:
His assault Marines come in on the right flank right next to his destroyed Baal predator. His WEponless vindicator cuts into the middle, the predator jockeys for a better firing position, the assault bikes continue to move along the left flank. Mephiston moves in front of the Rail Head. News flash for anyone playing against Mephiston for the first time he's fleet apparently. That was an extra 5" I did not account for and he may have managed to assault my fire knives on the right flank. The assault marines assaulted my commanders unit, and the assault bikes went after the lone crisis suit. The fire Knives die to Mephiston. My Commanders squad wins combat against the assault marines who stay put. Unfortunately for me this waqs the turn I planned to kill mephiston with my plasma, it did not appear like that was going to happen.

My Second Turn:
One piranha moves to the right side of the vindicator the other moves in front of the vindicator, The one on the right lets go of it's gun drones who proceed to move down the middle of the field. The death rains fall to the back of the board to prevent make Mephiston come after them and not help out against the commanders unit. The Fire warriors in the middle get out of the Devilfish to shoot at Mephiston, The Railhead moves into the centre, and the Ion Head moves along the right flank. Shooting sees the destrucion of the Vindicators weapon, and the Predator is now destroyed. Mephiston absorbed all the fire put into him. I win combat against the Assault squad again who remain in combat.

His Third Turn:
Mephiston assaults the Death Rains, The assault bikes assault my lone remaining fire knife. His Weaponless vindicator in the middle tank shocks through my fire warriors path finders, and death rains making the path finders run stopping right in front of the board edge. His tactical squad in the centre assaults my gun drones. Gun drones die, Fire knife dies, Death Rains die, Commanders unit wins combat and makes the assault marines flee right next to my rail head. My left Piranha dies.

My Third Turn:
Fire warriors get back into the taken and move to the left, the pathfinders flee off the board. The piranha in the middle turbo boost to the left next to the assault squad. the ion head moves further up the right flank. Rail head moves up the middle away from mephiston. Assault bikes die, The remaining Vindicators are destroyed. Mephiston was ignored cause there was no real way I was killing him anymore lol.

His Fourth Turn:
Mephiston Assaults the commmanders squad. The Assault marines move to the objective on the left flank in the woods. Mephiston fails to destroy the commanders unit thanks to some sweet sweet shield drones.

My Fourth Turn:
My devilfish moves onto the objective on the left side that is not on the landing pad. My fire warriors start moving to the landing pad objective. Ion Head chills on the right flank pretty much right by tank shocking distance from the objective. My Piranha moves to the back edge of the board next to the assault squad. Rail Head moves away from mephiston some more. Mephiston fails to kill my commanders unit again.

His Fifth Turn:
His tactical squad continues to move towards the woods. The assault squad runs off the table. Mephiston kills my commanders unit and moves to the centre 1"

My fifth Turn Turn:
Kroot come in and run towards the woods. My devilfish worried about being assaulted by mephiston moves onto the landing pad and is immobilized.The piranha's gun drones move onto the objective on the back right corner. My fire warriors formerly happy to sit under the landing pad move towards the more centre objective. Shooting is largely superfluous at this point. My Rail head moves more down the centre towards the woods objective.

His Sixth Turn:
Mephiston can not fly, gun drones are killed. Tactical squad on the left moves onto the objective.

My Sixth Turn:
Kroot contest woods objective. Piranha moves onto back right objective. Fire Warriors move onto the more centre objective. Game ends I win 2-0. For those of you whom ight not have noticed Mephiston destroyed 10 suits and and 7 drones that game which is about 700 points. Man I've got to get that guy for my Blood angels, convert him up as Gordie Howe.

Battle 2:
Mech IG:
As a side note here I would like to note my extreme confusion when looking at an imperial guards printed out list. Some entries have like 4 stat lines with tons of different gear. It's like reading a book.

1 X Command squad with las cannon and officer of the fleet - Red Circle
5 X Ratlings - White Circle
10 X Veterans with Las Cannon - Black Circle
1 X Chimera with Veterans, 3X Plasma squad - One of the pink Boxes ( I have no freaking clue)
10 X Veterans with 3 Meltas - in Vendetta
1 X Vendetta, Twin linked Las Cannon - Black Pentagon
1 X Las Cannon Scout Sentinel - Black Star
1 X Hell Hound - One of the Pink Boxes (Yet again they all look the same)
1 X Leman Russ Executioner - Yellow Box
2 X Leman Russ Battle Tank (Squad) - Red Box
1 X Manticore - Burgundy Box

This was a take and hold mission where the terrain in the far right corner is a wall you cannot see through on the main level but on the top level is a small window you can see into from the south side. Spear Head deployment the first commander to die becomes an objective. Yet again I win the roll off and opt to go second. Kroot again are in reserve.

His First turn:
His Vendetta moves outside the ruins for a better shot. He destroys my Rail Head.

My First Turn:
Fire warriors get in tanks, My piranha's move down the board edges. All tanks move forward with the Devilfishes converging on the objective. All suits move up behind Tanks for cover but trying to get some fire lanes open. Vendetta, and the scout sentinel, and the Ratlings die. Suits jump behind tanks for cover.

His Second Turn:
He shoots into my Broadside squad, and I allocate as many strength 8 hits to my commander as possible. HE promptly stops shooting at my broadsides as that would mean I have two objectives that have a certainty of being claimed now and an instant loss for him. Some pathfinders and maybe some drones die to Shooting.

My Second Turn:
My Kroot come in on the right flank next to the Leman Russes that have not moved. Kroot assault, I destroy on tanks guns, I destroy a valkyrie and cause wounds to the veteran squad in front of the command squad. Piranha's have moved down the flanks more.

His Third Turn:
Shooting kills the Kroot. The flamer Vets moved their tank in front of the fortress and got out behind their tank. Pathfinders suffer casualties and flee. Some drones die maybe.

My Third Turn:
Whole Army moves forward more with the the Devil fish remaining on the objective with my commander being in range of both of them and his broadsides being close to all the other suit units. The veterans in front of the command squad lose their las cannon. I think I destroyed another Valkyrie and the unit inside fled off the board. Maybe who knows they all look the same. My piranha on the top moves behind some forests.

This game got boring I eventually could not see his units to shoot cause they hid behind the fortress wall that had no holes. My piranha's contested the objective on turns five and six and I was ready for a tank shock from my ion head that did lose it's ion cannon for the seventh turn. He had some unlucky rolls in the mid game, but I think what lost him the game was focusing on my commanders unit too much the first two turns with his large blast AP 3 stuff. You might get something more then drones but I doubt it. If you do everything else is still going to punch you in the nose next turn.

Battle 3:
So I've gone 2 and 0 and I'm playing for first place in an Ard Boys tournament. Those of you who are more astute by process of elimination will have realized as I did with dread that the last mission will more then likely be Kill points in Dawn of War. I draw a good Imperial Guard player playing a leaf blower list. He wins first turn and I pray that I get lucky on my first turn. It is important to note at this point I was under the impression that his Leman Russes needed no line of sight to shoot. Without further ado his list which by the way was summarized very nicely which I very much appreciated.

Command Squad 3X Flamers, Commander of the fleet in a Chimera - Black Box on Middle
1 X Marbo
10 X Psyker Battle Squad , Chimera - Pink Box
3 X Heavy Weapon Team, Las Cannons - White Circle
2 X infantry squads with auto cannon - Black outlines ( I thought they were one till I tried typing this up..)
1 X platoon command squad, 4X Plasma guns, Chimera- Black Box on right
2 X Vet Squad with Chimera - Black Boxes on left
1 X Vet Squad in Vendetta
1 X Vendetta, Las Cannon Version - Out Flanking
2 X Leman Russ - Orange Boxes
1X Leman Russ Vanquisher - Commander Pask It's got the strength 6 template that ignore cover whichever that one is. Pask may be in one of the other Leman Russes I don't really know. - Red Box

This map shows deployment after moving on on the first turn. The only unit deployed in deployment was his heavy weapons team. Valkyrie is outflanking, Marbo is hiding.

His second Turn:
Valkyrie comes in off the left side. Lets go it's melta vets. Rail Head dies, Pathfinders Die, Ion Head Can't Shoot, Left Pirhana Dies, Death Rains must take a morale check at -9 Leadership fail and run but stay on board.

My Second Turn:
My opponent incorrectly informs me that the leadership modifier remains in play on my turn. Death Rains die. I know the guy who played Imperial Guard and I will put out there I believe he was just miss informed rather then cheating and I had to look it up on line to find the correct argument for why it lasts just on his turn, which I will post later. Everything else moves up but the living drones from the piranha, and the other piranha I forgot to move. The gun drones move back. I kill the vendetta.

His Third Turn:
Marbo comes in tries to punk the Fire knives on the right. Manages to kill the formerly living gun drones. Devil Fish on right dies, Lone Fire Warrior lives through the loving caress of Leman Russes. Commanders Squad takes beating like a champ. Psychers fail psychic test, Piranha on right flank dies.

My Third Turn:
Kroot come on, assault and stick in combat on the left flank with the dismounted veterans. Kill the heavy weapons teams, Destroy the left sides Leman Russes gun.

His Fourth Turn:
Kroot Kill Vets. Commanders unit force d to take morale test at -9 fail stay on board. Some inside fire knife unit dropped to one crisis suit.

My Fourth Turn:
Commander flees off the Board, Gun drones hide. I kill nothing and Concede the game. In hind sight maybe I shouldn't have but I felt like I lost too many kill points he was too good at shooting in the first turn, I should have deployed a lot on one half rather then giving him targets all over. I was just worried about the templates. That being said losing a quarter of my army, which was the best suited to fight against his list, to an incorrect rules interpretation didn't help either. I tied for third in the tournament and won twenty bucks in store credit. I also did it against tough lists in an ard boyz tournament without making an ard boyz list.

Oh and some of you may be thinking man this guy never rolls this good. Well... I may have bought some new dice and retired my old ones. I think I'll keep these ones :D. So for the psyker rules thing. The IG book says that the effect lasts until end of turn, which my opponent interpreted as the game turn, and sounds logical enough. He argued it wasn't broken as most list have a way to deal with it, either being fearless or auto rallying. However if you look in your rulebook under the turn section it says that if for a psychic ability if the word turn is used and no absolutely clear terminology for game turn is used then you must use it as a a player turn. So my units would have had a chance totally on their own leadership which with the rolls I had they would have.

On to the Stars
1st Star - Commander with Broadside - Won me 2 Games
2nd Star - Piranha's - Won me two Games
3rd Star - Ion Head - Effective fire absorption/ output every single game and never died

Dunce Hat - Path Finders - Not because they were bad but because they died a lot and truthfully my whole army played well.

Game 1 Analysis:
I played and rolled well it was a bit of a bloodbath at the start, and to me the most interesting game. It was close because I did not anticipate Mephiston being fleet. I did however not allow that to ruin my plans and I adapted my targeting priorities. If I had continued to concentrate fire on Mephiston I probably would not have won. There were some lucky moments for me in that game but not as lucky as one would think. Furthermore I firmly believe that a good player takes full advantage of those lucky moments so to me saying someone got lucky means they were good enough to take advantage of a fortuitous instance, and should they should be respected for being able to do that. I kept my fire on the tanks so much too because there's not much in this list to hurt AV 13. It may not look it on my not to scale map but I had a lot of side armour shots. If he had gone second or outflanked some of his tanks I'd have been much harder pressed to beat him. I think a big part of my win is that people often don't fight tau, at least tau with my kind of play style, and so they often don't use the best tactics against me. That or I'm missing something.

Game 2 Analysis:
Simple really, disruption pods and a good scenario for me. He couldn't kill my main anti tank unit without risking instant loss. If any of his shots scattered and hit even a shield drone of mine my commander was potentially dead. It was a lucky scenario for me but again as I said I took what I feel was full advantage of the situation. Had I allocated tons of wounds on my drones or broadsides he would have continued to hammer away at them, and I would have been in the dog house. Blast templates are not very good at taking out armour it seems like so I think that was in my favour too. I should have deployed further up, but really I had sealed at minimum a draw when I killed his vendetta. How was he supposed to get close to me to claim an objective? Furthermore when fighting guard it is very important to realize your missile pods have a 36" range. They out range us so staying further back like we do against other lists is not good for us. If I had been hugging my deployment zone edge I'd have won a lot more handily maybe even 2 or 3 to nothing.

Game 3 Analysis was covered before but to reiterate the whole game didn't seem to favour me but I lost my head and didn't play the way I should have. Sucks to choke at the last minute but I'm not going to cry about it, I will tell the guy so he doesn't use the rule incorectly anymore and I will just have to suck it up do it again, but next time win the last game. As a side not it is unfortunate painting and comp was not counted in this format. I'd have been no longer tied for third, or I'd have been in second my army was the purtiest girl at the ball that day :D.
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Re: My first Battles as Tau Blog Updated(17/2/11)

Post#38 » Feb 17 2011 07:03

Probably the quickest reply I've given but yet again I wanted to give some more of the tactics I use. This one's for making your models more survivable. The easiest way to do that is through cove. If you have an army like mine that utilizes the large hulls of our tanks theses are some things you may consider doing. Now it's not rocket science or anything ground breaking but here are some basic techniques to shoot and always be in cover.

Basic movement pattern:

This is for a single crisis unit behind a tank. Tank moves up unit moves to the right or the left and you shoot. Jump behind the tank and unless the enemy is behind the back of the tank you are probably in cover. The red lines show you how flexible of a firing angle you truly have. I like to use this to try to close the gap for my fire knives to get into plasma range. Then use the same patter but move back wards or away from the enemy to maintain heavier fire but still be protected. Also some times you just need to get in close to root an enemy out of his fortress or get in range of some more victims and you have a barren waste land in front of you. Tanks provide the only way to get reliable cover.

A more complex variant that also grants cover to Broadsides.:

Here you don't have enough tanks for your broadsides but you still wish to give them some cover and allow them to have access to important firing lanes. Your cover grows smaller as the other tanks advance but your threats should diminish as well. You have a small window at the front of targets you can shoot and be shot at without cover. However you are choosing where this pocket will be so you will always have at least your main target opened up. Also your suits who are in cover grant you cover as well so so long as you are 12" away with your tanks your broadsides are going to have cover from most anything.

Now you also have seen that my commander joins my broadsides. With the extra shield drones it becomes very hard to kill as you have 5 different places to allocate wounds. The commander, his drones, the team leader, the broadsides drones, the actual broadsides. My way of allocating wounds goes as thus strength 8 or greater ap 2 wounds on the commanders shield drones. AP 2 wounds strength 7 or less on the commander then his drones. Strength 8 AP 3 or less on the Broadside drones, and AP 3 wounds on any unwounded broadsides. I know some people like to make their commander a shield' O and put him in their broadsides. Personally while I can see the allure I feel that with my
how I allocate wounds you don't gain much, and you make your commander less flexible say if the long range threats are gone and you want to add some more fire power to your other crisis squads.
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Re: My first Battles as Tau Blog Updated(17/2/11)

Post#39 » Sep 20 2011 02:20

So it has been ages since I have played a game as my tau and made a report. Life, league of legends, girlfriend, playing my team canada themed blood angels has sort of put my tau on the back burner for a bit. However this coming weekend I have a grudge match against my cousin. I've never lost this match up and I don't intend to start losing now. He's playing his grey knights, and I will be busting out my tau. I have not played against the GK and I have no real knowledge of what he is going to take but I wanted to look at how I might build and modify my army from an all comers to a tailored list. It's sporting in this case I fell because I am sure he will be doing the same.

First off I'd like to take a look at what I know or suspect about these grey knights.

1. Obviously they are a marine variant
2. I know my cousin has a dread knight... I imagine I'll be playing one
3. At Easter he was rather sparse on tanks meaning it will probably be a foot slogging army.
4. He'll probably use some proxies and he has an expansive tyranid army (His traditional force), so any unit in the list is probably fair game.
5. I'm assuming that the always night fight rule is gone against them, I also think they have some wierd shield all the time.\
6. Furthermore he mentioned having paladins, 2 wound termies who have FNP.
7. Grey knights are expensive, but they can have some super cheap units as well.
8. They can get a lot of strength 8 shots.
9. I heard that theses foot slogging guys can do like a 30" jump or something like that once per game.

So first things first is to look at what I feel is going to be important to dealing with these threats.

Shas'O: Need him but I may have to modify his standard gear. A helios configuration may be preferable, or I could go the more ezxpensive rout and give him 3 weapons to be as effective as needed no matter who he is facing on the battlefield. Considering he becomes a bodyguard for my hardest hitting unit the cost may be justified.

Firewarriors in Devilfish: The devilfish will still provide a lot of cover for my troops, also I need to take at least one unit of fire warriors. Considering it is against space marines and those str5 shots may not be the most effective I think I will wait to upgrade the devilfish to warfish.


Fire Knives: One of the reasons these guys operate so well is that they have a very long range, and two of the best guns available to battle suits. It makes them exceptionally necessary in an all comers list. However this is not an all comers list. I feel terrible losing the extra range of the range, but if they do have a 30" jump I'll need the uh oh button that is effective. Furthermore with a helios configuration I end up being able to instant kill some paladins. Also I have a feeling that dreaknights big sword wants to smack me hard. Which means he has to come close. This decision I am very uncertain of. We'll see how the rest of the list plays out.

Death Rains: These boys I've felt have been an amazingly inexpensive resource. He did buy a speeder so I wouldn't be surprised if he had a couple of them floating around by now or something. Again as I said he might have a whole bunch of guard as well through proxies. So I think I will keep these guys with their flamers. If I'm going to be be adding expense elsewhere I probably shouldn't drop my most efficient unit. Plus if they get close I'll let those pally's or dreadknight eat these guys. Then my helios's will come in and land the killing blow.

Kroot: These boys point for point are more effective at killing regular marines then firewarriors. They can stop some deepstriking shenanigans, as well as I would assume that little 30" jump. They capture objectives, and while the enemy may be carrying purifiers I can try to keep them out of range from them when I infiltrate or outflank. If they got the psychic ammo... well let's hope they shoot the kroot in the woods :).

Piranha's: This unit is going to be integral to me winning or losing this game. In either case if they get a free 30" jump, come meched up, or are foot slogging it. If they are foot slogging it I can get right in their grill, and if I have invested in flechette dischargers I get some kills, while removing a run/shoot action. Not to mention that fusion blaster is nice. If someone does the 30" jump bam look at who got in your path towards the important units. Kill my piranha please or go chasing after the less important units but leave my broadsides alone kthx. Not to mention they also insta kill paladins with their fusion blasters.

Pathfinders: They are in the core section cause I always have a small unit of them. This match is raised to 2150 from 2000 so I probably will finish them to full. I also got some rail rifle boys. Considering that he may be foot slogging forcing pinning checks might just make him focus a disproportionate amount of fire at my path finders.

Broadsides: Yeah baby these guys have gone under a lot of changes in their tenure on my roster. They get the most toys too really, in an army designed around only take what's effective these guys are take what's prudent. As you saw what really is scary to me is the thought of me not being able to kill paladins at range, or a big jump in my face or something ridiculous like that. So with that in mind my broadsides are going to invest the points into some plasma rifles. Here will be the load out

Leader: TL Rail Gun, TL Plasma Rifle, Bonding Knife, 2 Shield Drones, Multi Tracker, Target Lock
Shas'Ui: TL Rail Gun, TL Plasma Rifle, Multi Tracker
Shas'Ui: TL Rail Gun, TL Plasma Rifle, Target Lock

I feel that this unit configuration will give me the target flexibility I need if he does bring some mech elements as well as the raw hitting power I'll need to deal with some marines getting up close and personal. Let's not forget that this load out also allows the broadsides to forgo shooting their rail guns and allow them to move and fire, hopefully keeping some distance for an extra round or two of shooting. You might argue that hey if you're firing your plasma rifles like that then you aren't using the broadsides to their full potential. However I would argue that against regular old dudes you are losing absolutely nothing, and if you intend to fire them at 24" range against foot sloggers you are getting higher returns for an extra 2 turns. The target lock may end up being another multi tracker. This will be a decision I make a little later, it does not effect the points cost at all so it's more personal preference. One is better against more mech opponents, the other is better against hordes of foot sloggers. Considering he'll have at least a dread knight and some paladins I'm leaning more towards the two multi tracker variant.

Hammer Heads: Grey knights have pretty good shooting, and I have no idea how much terrain will be available. Therefore I am hesitant to lose one of these guys. However a second broadside unit would be a godsend, with that kind of long range heavy firepower that dreadknight and paladins would not be a majour issue. The downside is that I would end up losing some mobile cover, and considering that I am going with shorter ranged suits I think that having an ion head move up and absorb fire then fall back so I can light em up effectively will be necessary. This is a decision that will need some in game experience to figure out what I need/want. As it is I'm torn currently. If I dropped my death rains and ion head I lose a lot of dakka and effectively gain back 291 points. It really is pretty much a straight trade, less targets and dakka for higher quality shots and models? Furthermore there would be no babysitting general. With the uknown strengths of his shooting phase they could relatively easily be cut down. I don't think I can risk that. So double rail heads are off the table for this round. Standard lad out will remain the same.

Now non - core units:
Actually I'm very happy that I consider all of the units in my army a "core" unit that has a particular function necessary to the operation of the whole. It seems to me that that is what the tau army and ethos is about. However with adding more points and looking at a new foe some other choices in the list are going to be at least worth a look to see how they would do.

Ethereal: Nope not a static army, and too much of a liability

Stealth Suits: These guys will get their chance to prove themselves again but not on a match I put this much importance on putting up a respectable showing.

Krootox / Kroot Hounds: Hounds I feel while cheap would be silly. I mean yeah they are great in assault for their points... but are they great enough to take on grey knights and make a large enough difference? I don't think so. Krootox are expensive monetarily, plus they restrict what my kroot can do. I would probably consider them at this points level if I knew my opponent was taking some armour 4 guys or some tanks.

Gun Drone squads: Seriously the only thing stopping me from taking this is I'm short on drones and they aren't scoring. Other then that they look like they would at the very least be very fun to play with. They also have the potential in my book to be meaningful contributors. Especially against an opponent like this that could potentially be pinned.

Vespid: I really want to try these guys and could seriously see them being an exceptionally good use of a squad in this match up. I however lack the experience with them to sacrifice any core units on a gamble like this. Problem is another pathfinder/Piranha unit can make everyone else more effectively operate by delaying enemies, or improving my shots.

Sniper Drone teams: Cool guys I like em don't have 3 units of em, and they remove the cover of the cheap ion head. A good option I unfortunately cannot field... Although I may try to find a way :).

Sky Ray: A fairly cheap tank that is more durable against weapon destroyed results. However it requires more marker light support then I offer in this list to be effective I believe.

Now we can talk all day about the benefits of these units in a bubble. however are really going to need to operate as a group and have an overall strategy. If I had to briefly describe my previous strategy I would call it harass, and prevaricate. You have to take out high value targets like transports, slow down the ones you can't this should create a shooting gallery. If it all works out you have no real issues.

This one is a fair bit different it's more of a counter punch. I need to let some guys make it through my initial line. If they come in too much at once I will be overwhelmed. So if I stop all their army for 2 turns in this list man I am going to be so dead because the next couple they are going to swarm. However If I let some important units through then I can focus them off one at a time. I'm not closing the floodgates I'm letting a controlled stream through.

A couple tricks which are immediately apparent to me is that there is a large chance assaulting in will be the way that they need to deal with my tanks. Considering my boys fire as though fast, they'll always need 6's my helio's suits if they are feeling ballsy could run up behind the piranha's and blast the daylights out of the grey knights stuck behind. Also since my suits will be operating very close to the front and my piranha's will have to be very close by as well as my tanks if I let a land raider (if he has one) through at an appropriate distance and zip my piranha's/tanks suits around that thing there will be a lot of melta. It's a modified feeding frenzy that could kill a raider/paladins/presumably hq in one turn of shooting and use for the most part minimal and expendable resources.

This will be an interesting match up. This one is going to make me adapt and I hope that this can lead to a bit more flexibility in my list. The tactics aren't radically different but it makes me think about my army in a way I didn't before. I might have been doing it before but I didn't think about it, and that being cognizant of why your army works/doesn't work will be huge when creating armies later on.

So without further ado I will post up the new list 1st draft as I didn't write it out until I weighed out all the options like this, which really did help I feel.

Fire knife El: 2 Shield Drones.

3 X Helios, Bonded: Team leader, 2 Gun drones
3 X Helios, Bonded: Team leader, 2 Gun drones
3 X Death Rains: Bonded, Team leader, 2 Gun drones

6 X Firewarriors
6 X Firewarriors
Attached DevilFish, Disruption Pod, 2 Gun Drones
13 X Kroot
13 X Kroot

Fast attack:
8 X Path Finders: 2 Rail Rifles
Attached DevilFish, Disruption Pod, 2 Gun Drones
1 X Piranha: Melta gun, Targetting Array, Disruption pod, Flechette Discharger
1 X Piranha: Melta gun, Targetting Array, Disruption pod, Flechette Discharger

Heavy Support:
3X Broadsides: TL, Bonded, 2 Shield Drones, TL Plasma Rifles, TL Rail guns, Multi Tracker, HW Target lock (on leader)
1 X Ion Head: Burst Cannons, Ion Cannon, Disruption Pod, Multi Tracker
1 X Rail Head: Smart Missile System, Rail Gun, Disrupton Pod, Multi Tracker

Well I didn't get my extra piranha, although I could have cut some of the kroot and upgrades down for it. It's a really tough call for me. However my third piranha is still in pieces and would look no good with the rest of my army. You gotta win with style you know. Well I have a challenge a list and some unfortunately not completely finished models. I will attempt to rectify that situation, gotta get my hoplites done, those guys are awesome.

You might also see a 2 on 2 or a 3 on 3 match after this weekend as well since I am bringing my girl along and she is itching to bring her daemon's out from their extended vacation. I want the three on three though that would just be awesome.

Any tips against a foot slogging grey knights army would be appreciated as well btw.
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Re: My first Battles as Tau Blog Updated(17/2/11)

Post#40 » Sep 20 2011 02:38

While I don't have too much experience against Grey Knights myself, a good friend of mine IS a GK player and they are, apparently, extremely shooty in a 24'' bubble around them, so any shooting done against them by Helios suit might as well be suicidal. I'd drop the Ionhead and Railhead as well and switch them for more broadsides, those extra, twin linked high strength low ap shots can really throw a wrench into the workings of a low model count army like GKs tend to be. Broadsides might be better off with ASS, too. After all, risking that 24'' death bubble for 3 plasma shots sounds like too much of a risk for such an expensive unit.

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Re: My first Battles as Tau Blog Updated(29/12/11)

Post#41 » Sep 23 2011 11:18

Thank you for you advice Duredhel. I was a little apprehensive that I could beat him shot for shot up close, but with your advice I think I'll go back to the fire knives. Also by the way your art work is very good, obviously I like it one of the free ones is my avatar.

So I decided on this list as my final one, unfortunately I counted up my drones and I realized that I just5 didn't have enough to in in all my piranha's/ devilfish and on my suits. I'm going to have to proxy one unit and I dislike that enough so I made my devilfish back into warfish, and to do that unfortunately I had to drop the twin linked plasma rifles. If he took paladins as troops and got the first turn on a night fight scenario and was right on my doorstep I felt I'd need those railguns a lot. So I don't feel too bad about it. That and having 7 railgun shots will be a first for me. Dread Knights and some proxied rifle men dreadnoughts hold a little less terror for me. Only two piranha's which makes me sad but hey it is what it is.

So my list in short as I have to go pack and get out the door soon

1 X Commander Standard FK w/ 2 SD
2 X Fireknife squads
1 X Death Rain
2 X Warfish
2 X 6 man Fire Warriors
2 X 10 man Kroot
1 X 5 man Path Finders
2 X Piranha's
1 X Rail Head

More similar to my GT list. I hope I'm not too light on armour, but I need some heavy fire power and if Helios' won't work well then I need the broadsides. I still have good weight of fire for the smaller squads. Since nothing is AP 3 that would be deicated to going against them it doesn't matter a ton about their aegis or not I'll drop em down because of armour saves. I just know how much trouble I have with terminator's that I'm really worried about these paladins. I'll just make sure I wear my Gretzky jersey for luck. What can go wrong then?
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Re: My first Battles as Tau Blog Updated(20/9/11)

Post#42 » Sep 27 2011 10:12

So as planned I went out and played against my cousin, and I have a battle report in hand. First of all I want to thank Johnvak01 for getting me set up with some very helpful vassal links. Making this battle report was exceptionally easy as far as pictures went and he messaged me and got me onto it. Although it was a long time ago so he might not remember. Thank you.

So I get my gf and warhammer in the car and start driving. I hit the border and the guard is like what's the purpose of the visit? Fair enough to visit my cousin. Then he goes okay why are you going to canada? umm to play warhammer.... What's warhammer? Yep I had to explain to a border guard what warhammer was. I was just about to pull out a crisis suit before he let me go through.

Then I get there and we find out his LGS is having a mini comic con. No tables, and the only warhammer store is a GW store 45 minutes away. Road trip time, we hop in the car and find a table to play at finally. I have to admit the one I went to was really exceedingly friendly, by the staff and everyone there. Which has greatly improved my opinion of that store. The only semblance of a negative thing I could say about the store was there lack of faith in the greater good. Everyone thought I would get crushed.

His list was something like this
NOTE: Some of his list is I believe written incorrectly. He is just learning and we wanted to have fun so we went with it. I will be sending him the link to this blog so he should see it it. Any constructive criticism/rules clarifications I'm sure he would greatly appreciate. He built with what he had. Ideally he wants more mech.

Castellan Crowe
Commander Stern
7 Paladins with various weapons probably a psycannon
10 Grey Knights In rhino
15 Grey Knights
10 Grey Knights with 8 Psy Cannons (He said someone told him he could combine them from all the units into one.)
10 Grey knight Strike squad In rhino
Dread Knight

I have my list I posted before.

We get pitched battle and Kill Points.

Here is the Battle Field


I'm deploying first and I am under the impression that all of his Grey Knights have a 4+ invulnerable save. So I give him as much cover as possible to get in his way on his approach towards me. There was just too much open space on the right. Maybe that would be my friend but I was really worried about his teleporting dudes. He is also deepstriking his paladins. Now there's nowhere to put my second unit of kroot so I use them to fill up gaps in the back end. The last thing I need is a bunch of paladins being too close to do anything about it. It could cost me the game they could get a lot of kill points very quickly. My kroot went into the ruins on the right hoping to draw the big unit of 15 into a game of chase, or a fire fight.

I get first turn.

My first Turn:
First order of business was to eliminate the rhino's and the easy kill point called castellan crowe. His rhino's had cover so he was able to save one. I fired at the unit with that whole mess of psycannons. I was worried what they would be able to do when they got within range. Also even if that unit is legal it's a fairly high points/ kill across the whole unit. Furthermore while psy cannons are scary with psy bolt ammunition, I'm glad he didn't have the incenerator's. That would have messed up my kroot, who by the way got to line up on a two story building. Reminded me of some imperial british troops all lined up for regimental combat.

His First Turn:
He is distinctly unimpressed that he has to wait for at least turn 2before his paladins deep struck. He rolled a 1 for difficult terrain check for his grey knight squad in the wreck. The dreadknight teleported right in front of my death rains. His big unit of 15 takes the bait and goes running after my kroot and end outside of 12". The Dread Knight fails to roll high enough to assault through the difficult terrain and remains standing threateningly before my death rains.

My second Turn:
What happens next plays through my mind like this. My Commanders call in everyone to light up the dreadknight. A horrendous stream of plasma, missile, and pulsefire create a cloud of smoke. Through the clod the dreadknight emerges laughing mockingly. Only then to be shot by a gun drone in the eye with a little plonk. Naturally the dreadknight operates going "it got me in the eye!" trips on a rock falls over and dies. Yep avatars, daemon princes, dreadknights, who needs em? My gun drones do em all in. Actually though I had not even used my broad sides at that point. I started off with the kroot in the back, the 6 fire warriors, the 2 devilfish. At that point they only could target the dread knight anyways. I had to kill that dread knight anyways so all of my rail guns would have tried to find a home in his belly if needed. However a gun drone did the job of a broadside and freed him up to take out a tank. I'd say it was worth it.

As far as movement goes though my boys jockeyed for firing position on the dread knight. Except for my piranha on the left flank. I didn't want him to get any closer. A classic maneuver that if you've read this blog you've seen me do many times before.

His Second Turn:
His paladins do not come in, and he leaves his 10 grey knights in the rhino in the hopes that it will become mobilized. The rhino also has no weapons fyi. His recently dismounted unit assaults the piranha on the left flank. His psy cannon unit braves the maelstrom of fire and moves down the middle. The big unit of fifteen finally gets within range of my kroot and give them hell. I had some seriously unlucky rolling and he nearly decimated them. At this point in the game if I were him I would have brought out my teleporters and had them come in behind my Rail head. They might have immobilized it or destroyed it giving them cover, or preventing the broadside from moving. It would have gotten them in close. From there they might be able to get the commander's broadside unit, or some gun drones. Either way it is an immediate threat I would have had to try to deal with, which in turn would have protected his psy cannons which would finally be able to start laying down some hurt if they lived through the turn.

My Third Turn:
At this point I am thinking to protect my kill points. He won't stay in his rhino two turns in a row so I get my piranha out of dodge in the exact opposite direction of wherem y cousins wants to go. He can chase it and be out of position, or he can leave it and allow me to return to the fray when I want. My kroot know there is a failry close distance between them and the 15 man squad so they start running for the hills. He could kill them if he stays still and shoots sure, but what does that do except get him on the board? He can win this fight still. I have so many kill points compared to him, and his paladins could very well survive all the shooting I put against them. Movement is simple leave up as much of a deep strike shield as possible and unload on high priority targets. I try to bring them down to the last man for the points, and cause 1 lone marine can end up killing even a tough broadside unit. Trust me I've seen it happen.

His Third Turn:
His paladins come down, and unfortunately for him the shooting is rather ineffective. His strike squad teleports in real close right in the open and unloads on my broadside unit. Again I think I might have tried to go behind the hammer head and used the wreck as cover. If it failed well you were out in the open already anyways shooting at 2 wound terminators.

My Fourth Turn:
I Shuffle to the left block off the paladins route of pursuit, and fire railguns into them after I have killed the strike squad. At this point any of those squads will kill whatever it touches so I kill the one I can't run from, then I run from the other.

At this point he surrenders.

Post game analysis:
So I feel that I played the game rather well. I explained a lot of what I was doing to my cousin and I think he learned a couple tricks. I also think he's going to want a rematch. People were rather surprised to see the result, and to be honest I was as well. The system I have obviously can work when applied properly, but can be very frustrating to play against. I'm very lucky he wasn't going first in dawn of war on kill points. I think if I would take anything away from this is just to see how effective tau shooting can be, and that if you could let a thin trickle through constantly like a unit or two you could decimate another person's army.

1st Star - Gun Drone - Words cannot express how entertaining it was to tell him hey my gun drone has a really good shot they always drop big guys, only to then see a 1 :).
2nd Star - Broadside Teams - The back end fire support was impeccable
3rd Star - Death Rains - They killed 4 of the grey knights with their flamers, and were getting good shots off, and baited a failed assault from a dread knight.

Dunce - The Kroot - they were a quiet force and did everything I wanted except make a couple armour saves. wouldn't be here any other game.

I'm going to see about putting up the latest suit I finished on. Gotta finally take a picture, I got a lot of compliments now that I finally had the motivation to get him done, Him and my piranha's got a lot of attention.

Anyways thanks for reading I'll try to get back to doing this more frequently. My new job let's me make it out every saturday to my LGS and my GF works at a sub shop right by. Perfect combination if you ask me.
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Re: My first Battles as Tau Blog Updated(20/9/11)

Post#43 » Sep 27 2011 10:54

Congratulations on the win, but your poor opponent needs a lot of help. That's a really poorly optimized list, and needs either MSU Razorbacks or all foot terminators. The mix of big units, half of them in Rhinos and half on foot just does not work. If he cuts Stern (who has no purpose in the list) and actually uses Crowe's ability to take Purifiers as troops (all 5-man with Razorbacks), he can add a couple psyfleman dreads. The result is a lot more shooting (remember that GK are a shooting army), a lot more redundancy, and threats that can actually do something besides run helplessly across the table until they finish failing all of their armor saves.

Draaen wrote:15 Grey Knights

Not legal. Max squad size is ten models, note that all of the options for extra models say "may add up to X more", not an unlimited amount.

10 Grey Knights with 8 Psy Cannons (He said someone told him he could combine them from all the units into one.)

This is not legal.

What he was probably thinking of is the ability to use the combat squad special rule to split a ten-model unit into two five-model units. You can put all of the heavy weapons from that squad into one of the sub-units and leave the other with none, but you can NOT move weapons from one unit to another.

Furthermore while psy cannons are scary with psy bolt ammunition

Note that psycannons can NOT be upgraded with psybolt ammunition, they already have it (fluff-wise) included in the base profile. The rules for psybolt ammunition give a specific list of weapons which can be upgraded, and psycannons are not on that list.

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Re: My first Battles as Tau Blog Updated(27/9/11)

Post#44 » Dec 29 2011 12:45

Well this is a little bit different of a game from that which I am used to posting on here. However after a very long busy time at hristmas with my family I need a bit of time to veg and so I felt I'd write up a battle report... Blood angels style.

As in the last match I posted my family has played warhammer a lot together, and so my brother my cousins and I got together and played a game while the women had their baby shower. The match was the brothers against brothers. I chose blood angels cause I had finally finished a unit of my team canada themed army :). I didn't choose my list for efficiency but to hopefully make Gretzky look to be as big of a bad ass as possible.

My team:

My list
Sanguinor AKA Wayne Gretzky
5 Sanguinary guard
1 Sanguinary priest - jump pack, Power weapon
2 X 10 man Assault squad 2 meltas, only one team had a power weapon.

My brother's list
1 X Librarian - Jump pack
2 X Sanguinary priest - Jump pack, Power weapon
2 X 10 man Assault squad - 2 meltas, power weapon
5 man vanguard vet, some with power claws and storm shields.

Their team:

Grey Knights:
Brother Captain in power armour.
6 Paladins with apothecary
5 teleporting guys with halberds
10 guys in rhino.
5 guys with a couple psy cannons (Sorry I am still not remembering grey knight names XD)

Daemon prince of nurgle - Bullet time, Wings
3 X 5 man Plague marine squad, 3 meltas, rhino
3 X Obliterators

I ended up deploying on the south side of the board so my frame of reference will come from there. As there was a plethora of troops we decided to go for a 5 objective game, one in the centre and 4 in the corners. There was difficult terrain in the centre and a patch of bubble foam to the right of it that would slow you down. Other then that there were little hills all over the place (What? I know I need to make some more terrain).

My Deployment:
My team gets first turn and deployment. We deploy centrally leaving Gretzky and the Sanguinary guard ensconced in the middle ofall those bodies for cover, layering the units to optimize cover in case initiative is stolen, as those Oblit's would hurt a lot.

Their Deployment:
They set up sitting as far back as possible in mortal fear of Gretzky. The 3 Chaos rhino's on the extreme left flank with a daemon prince, oblits hiding behind a hill just to the left of the centre. Followed by the 2 psycannon grey knight s on the hills the jumpers in front of them, the paladins to the right of that, and on the extreme right flank the grey knight rhino.

Thankfully for us they fail to seize initiative, and so my team gets the first go.

Our first turn:
I jump my unpainted unit without the power weapon, with the priest on top of the middle piece of terrain and lose a couple dudes. The Large red mass moves towards the left so as to get away from the plasma rhino's and use the centre terrain as cover from the Oblit's. Everyone runs forward at varying speeds.

Their first turn:
The teleporting guys jump in front of the massive red blob of dudes, the grey knight rhino moves forward, all eager to deal death. A choas rhno moves down the left flank. The Paladins move forward. The Daemon princes and 2 rhino's move slightly to the middle but also down the left flank. Ell shooting unloads on my unpainted unit in cover. I lose some regular guys, and some of my brother's dudes die.

Our second turn:
Death comes swiftly, and so do vanguard vets apparently. They drop down right in front of some friendly plasma wielding obliterators. I lose a melta gunner and another dude to the difficult terrain as my unpainted unit gets a bead on the paladin's All of my brother's army jumps up right in front of the paladins. My painted unit gets a line of fire onto the paladins but is right in front of the rhino to deal with that if the shooting on the paladin's goes well. Gretzky jumps behind the teleporter squad to optimize his aura, my sanguinary guard go to back him up and jump in front of them ready to shoot. We drop all but one paladin from shooting without the painted squad. The grey knight rhino explodes, and my sanguinary guard fail to do anything. all 3 oblit's assaulted by vanguard who deals some damage but mainly stay in combat. Rhino unit brought down to a lonely psycannon dude who stays against my painted unit. Gretzky royally shanks it and takes 2 wounds and only kills two guys when he assaults the teleporters. The sanguinary guard elected not to move in for fear of dying to the I 6 halberds. Unfortunately the only models touching the brother captain are my severely depleted painted squad. The rest of the paladin's bite the bucket, all my unpainted squad get wiped out but for my sergeant, who somehow manages to score a wound on the brother captain who holds in combat.

Their second turn:
The rhino's and Daemon prince move toward the centre. Gretzky finishes off the teleporter squad, some vanguard vets die without storm shields, but a couple of obliterators die. The brother captain dies, the grey knight rhino squad is wiped out. Daemon prince charges in ineffectually against some exceptionally lucky vanguard vets.

Our third turn:
Gretzky and the painted squad meet up to beat the grey knight unit on the hill. The giant mass of blood angels turns their focus on the left side of the board and moves that way, and destroys the 2 northerly rhino's. Gretzky and the painted unit wipe out the 5 man unit on the hill, and with the consolidation the painted unit forms a protective barrier against a potential assault. Hey don't touch Gretzky.

Their 3rd turn:
With malicious and diabolical intent my so called "partner" says hey Kyle you know plasma is good for taking out Gretzky and if you move just so you can get 4 shots off... and so it happened that he rolled 3 ones HA! Gretzky lives and nothing else really happens.

My 4th turn:
My partner pulls back so as to allow the daemon prince a chance to get Gretzky if he wins combat. Gretzky and the painted unit finish off the plasma squad that shot at them, and the sanguinary guard kill the daemon prince. My brother mopped up the rest. There you have it a wipe, and a decisive win.

As far as stars I feel it's silly to do so when you have so few types of models out there. As far as analyzing how my army went... well I took the brunt of our teams losses and lost one 10 man assault squad, and maybe 1 or 2 sanguinary guards at the end of the game. Which by the way the only visible thing I feel I did wrong was not utilize them enough, I was probably too timid.

However as I hate playing against blood angels I will try to explain some of the tricks I used that apply to Tau, and some things I would have done differently if I were my opponent.

Firstly my deployment trick that I've used countless times, and works great with Tau is taking up a large portion of the board, with the extremities being extremely mobile. Now people usually tend to play "piece for piece". As far as I can tell people feel like if they give you a vacuum in front of a unit it's a big advantage so they usually put something there. If you are lucky it is a slow moving unit, or one without long range capabilities. He moves forward to fight you move to the right or the left to do what you really want to do. For this tactic, hammerheads, pirhanas and even death rains can be effective. A large part of the reason we won this game was our opponents inability to adapt to a drastically changed deployment. A good player/team in anything takes advantage of opponents mistakes.

The other trick was having five guys in one unit behind five guys of another unit. Rules as written give them cover.

So my opponent is now stuck with a horde of blood angels in cover to his left (switching to the north perspective on this right now. Remember this is the right flank from the battle report). The first majour mental mistake happens here. Teleporting in and moving towards the blob of doom. Now blood angels are fast and scary. However you need to remember they have an 18" threat range. Greay knights shoot 24" If the grey knights move back into the centre and stay out of assault range they can get a turn of shooting on us. The Obliterators aren't tied up in combat at this point so the extra turn of shooting could have a majour impact. Then the chaos rhino's can come to the middle as well, to get some plasma shots off next turn, and add target saturation. Now instead of saying how do I kill the paladin's I ask myself do I get the paladin's, or the rhino's, or the teleporters? Who's in range? I have questions, and when I as an opponent have to question what I do there is the potential for mental mistakes for you to capitalize one. Also their grey knight rhino could have moved to their extreme left flank. They have power weapons that are scary. So should I send my painted unit after them and stop a vicious potential counter charge or do I help out with the fight in the middle that currently s going to have dubious results? Honestly I don't know the best way to respond to that. I think I would leave them, but I don't like either choice, and either way my team would be much off worse then how the game actually played. In that scenario they may even have the advantage.

So to bring this back to the tau and how we can handle a quick army in these types of situations. Sacrifice a lamb to take out a really big player from the game for a couple turns. If you are given a flank and they want to just roll down your line right to left. Go left and shoot don't just stand there are take it. The reason blood angels are scary is because they are fats AND take up a lot of space, as well as being durable. so if you can punch a hole on a flank for your guys to hide on or run to as the other side gets wrecked, you simulate this type of scenario. If you were to go after the easy/scary/opportunistic targets as the came evenly across the board your board would be then hit more evenly, and when you inevitably lose your fights when they spread everyone is in danger. If you switch to one side of the board as your focus point that you intend to run to then your opponent has to decide is he going to put more resources and time into that side or go after the part you've given him. Again a decision and a big one that needs to be made early. If he makes that kind of decision incorrectly it's the kind that wins you games.

This game was really over on some erroneous judgement of a less experienced player on the first turn, and changed what could have been a tough fought battle into a rout.
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Re: My first Battles as Tau Blog Updated(27/9/11)

Post#45 » Dec 29 2011 03:52

So this is actually like a double header here. This was another team game, that I managed to get my GF to agree to. Her distate for dameon's is now so palpable you'll probably see her playing her space wolves more. Having to deep strike against a guard and shooty chaos list when your ally is tau is a bit of a daunting prospect, especially when you get the wrong group. The points in this one are odd. I can't remember what I was at but I had more then my gf as she lost her list so made it up on the fly.

My tau
Crisis commander - fire Knife, 2 Shield drones plus usual misc
2 X 3 man Crisis team, Fire knives, 2 gun drones
1 X 3 man Death Rain - 2 gun drones
2 X 6 man fire warrior squads with warfish
5 X Pathfinders (Fire warriors have their tank as always)
2 X Pirhana's - FB, Disruption pod, +1 BS
3 X Broadsides, +1 BS this time with 2 shield drones bonding, and team lead can target different units.
Rail head
Ion Head

GF's Daemon's:
2 X 5 man Daemonettes
5 man Nurglings
2 X 4 Flamers
10 flesh hounds with karanak
Daemon Princess of Slaanesh - Fast hit and run with breath and spawn morphing abilities
Daemon Price of tzeentch - He's slow armoured and shoots

Tzeencth Chaos lord in Terminator Armour.
a big unit of bikers with some special character in it, and a Tzeentchian icon.
3 X 10 thousand suns
2 X Walker crab guys with claws - It was a pretty sweet conversion

Imperial Guard: (I apologize for not knowing these names as well as I should)
2 X Leman Russes with battle Cannons (S8 AP3 -in case I got the name wrong)
1 X Leman russ with the S10 AP1 cannon
3 Las Cannons weapon teams
3 Autocannon weapon teams
5 Ogryn
Big flamer tank
Chimera with a plasma command squad.
4 squad units
5 man sniper squad
2 X 10 man veteran squad.

One Objective each represented by 1 marker's. I forgot them on the set up pick.

setup by Draaen99, on Flickr

First of all that is not really a Titan that is fate weaver. the plaguebearers are nurglings. Also as I went through this I realized I missed a couple of units but itwas going to be too much work to fix it, and it was a little while ago so even where I put the models would be not necessarily super accurate. There was one extra unit of guardsmen in the rubble on my right flank between the two thousand suns units.

Anyways first thing I noticed was those wonderful bikes behind the crab dudes. Yeah... happy days I'll lock then in easy. I do dislike though how spread out I am. For the list my girl brought she does need some room to land, but to be effective I take up a lot of real estate. Not though the deathrains on the extreme right flank with the railhead? I get great die armour shots and those thousand sons that needed to match my piece are now almost guaranteed not to be something that will score so it's something I can safely ignore killing all game.

Oh and the unit of four flamers found a better daemonic party to attend in the warp so they don't attend this fight.

Our Turn 1:
OurTurn1 by Draaen99, on Flickr

Super lucky shooting takes out some majour targets early I lock in the crab guy, and move over my piranha from the right flank to be able to bottle up one of the choke points. See people hate going through difficult terrain as bikes. Even though the actual rick isn't that if and when he goes to gothe long way he'll have to go a longer route or through difficult gorund, and the piranha there is in anticipation of this. OR if he stays put and gets rid of my one piranha I will just put a new one there.

My GF is also starting to get her pieces in place here to make her "castle". See the watchtowers represent multi tiered buildings. We're going to place nurglings at the base so that there's no room for people to get to the second floor where the squishy daemonettes are. who will then claim our objective.should keep enemies at bay slightly longer.

Their Turn 1:
TheirTurn1 by Draaen99, on Flickr

He stays put and that hellhound gets my pathfinders. Nasty bit of work. Something got my railhead this turn or the next. The nice thing about piranha's is they have gun drones that like to get in the way, so even though how he's killed my piranha he's still bottled up.

Our Turn 2
OurTurn2 by Draaen99, on Flickr

I leave my gun drones and piranha's where they are no need to move em yet. He has some special character in that bike unit and the big nike unit is concerning to me. That is my big threat and I am making sure it does not run down the line messing stuff up. My main goal is to try and take out their heavy guns so that my girl can send some daemons downrange witha slight chance of making it. So the hellhound bites the bucket. We keep trying to take out the crab guy but nothing ever seems to work. Also I can only see the claw from his cool conversion and I don't want to punish a guy for doing a cool conversion like that so while I can sort of see it I didn't see it as sportsmanlike to shoot it.

Their Turn 2:
TheirTurn2 by Draaen99, on Flickr

With a single piranha I have single handedly diverted his largest scariest unit. :D He decides he is going to take the long route snaking through the guardsman and all of the rubble. His crab guy must be too scared to run into my rail guns line of fire. Which by the way that command unit is taking a beating, however proper wound allocation and some luck has stopped any significant gains for the opposition.

Our Turn 3:
Forgot Pic!
I forgot to save the pic my bad. I really just send my piranha I held back in between the two rubble piles and let go the drones. This will force him to wait a turn, or go another alternate path. Also this is a first. WE made a spawn out of the lascannon guardsmen with the chaos morphing ability of the daemon prince who just totally tore up the main occupying unit of guardsmen. Also I believe that fateweaver my have come down this turn after I had moved off. He is hiding in the ruins on the left where my piranha was about as they were getting some lovin from a leman russ battle tank earlier.

Their Turn 3:
TheirTurn3 by Draaen99, on Flickr

The bikers jump all over the daemon princes and kill her, also the guardsmen got the spawn... aww shucks. More importantly however the bikers went where they wanted to be least of all right by where fate weaver is. His advance, and my diminishing firepower and lack of high priority targets is rendering my shooting less effective then I'd like, especially with my fire knives on the left flank whose only job so far it seems to have been to annoy the crab guy even more.

Our Turn 4:
OurTurn4 by Draaen99, on Flickr

However here we have a shooting gallery. We wipe most of the bikers. Fateweaver while not the most efficient meleer is able to into the bikers and dish out some damage and lock them up, getting yet again another first by getting the instant kill off on the special character. Eventually.

Their Turn 4:
TheirTurn4 by Draaen99, on Flickr

Mr. Crab decides he doesn't want uppity fire warriors coming to claim and objective and so moves away from the wall and blows up the devilfish. See here If he goes after the fateweaver I'll claim/contest for sure so this may be the right positioning on the board but this is where the exact details I'm fuzzy on.

Our Turn 5:
OurTurn5 by Draaen99, on Flickr

Sneaky Sneaky commando fire warriors... I got the crabs gun since he walked into the open, and the leman russ. His ability to reach out and touch me has been so diminished that now he has a majour decision to make go after the firewarriors, or chase fateweaver who is really in a location I'm not sure of he may still be fighting sorry. Or he can get my hoplites, which he may not be able to get again. Point is he has options of a lot of tempting targets, and I'm hoping that he doesn't go after my fire warriors because I can win the game with them.

Their Turn 5:
TheirTurn5 by Draaen99, on Flickr

Well he takes the bait Crisis suits are down and the game doesn't end.

Our Turn 6:
OurTurn6 by Draaen99, on Flickr

Fire Warriors Make it into scoring position, I kill the lord instead of the crab guy, as the crab guy is not an immediate threat and I will get shots on him the next turn, or he will kill my crisis suits who are trying to jump behind him to get him to go the wrong way.

Their Turn 6:
TheirTurn6 by Draaen99, on Flickr

He takes the bait again and kills my crisis suits... actually just as I wrote that I remember playing chess with my grandpa. I took his knight and I was like HAH Grampa I got your knight finally! then I lost the game in two turns, and he was like if it's too easy to take a knight you should think twice about it. Such was the case here. Now his crab guy is no where in position and the max number of turns is 7.

Our Turn 7:
OurTurn7 by Draaen99, on Flickr

The game is over we would have drawn on turn 5 and won on any other. At this point there is not much he can do. The castle is too tough to break very quickly. Even if he consolidates we took the level below the objective so they wouldn't be considered with three inches. This was just waiting down the inevitable and finishing out a long hard fight, that while we won through position. We were way down in materials at the end.

Their Turn 7:
TheirTurn7 by Draaen99, on Flickr

There's no way to win, no way to prevent losing. The match was done at the end of turn 6.

Now some of you may say hey Draaen what the heck happened on the right flank. Honestly the railhead missed a shot died. The flesh hounds held up some thousand sons, and shots were fired. That right flank was so immaterial except for his leman russ and hell hound Thousand suns are too slow and locking in range for me to worry about. They finally made it to my objective on what turn 7? If I'm going to lose a piece that's not a terrible result for me.

So the stars
1st: Broadside command squad - Ridiculous sustain and early game damage output
2nd - Fateweaver - Couldn't have gotten rid of the bikers without that shooting oomph
3rd - Daemon Princess - I was going to give it to the Piranha. Then I realized hey she made a spawn! gotta award style points.

Dunce - far left fireknives - They had some good moments but all around they needed to be better and a large part of that is I gave them such a narrow firing arc.

So basically this game was won around a principle I learned from Billy while playing chess. See I like to take pieces, and my philosophy used to be take a whole bunch of pieces get a material advantage then win. However while that strategy is valid and works, someone may give up a piece for positioning, and even after this kid was down a couple pieces he was setting me up for a check mate. Points wise I think these guys beat us, but that wasn't the objective of this mission. It was to protect and capture. The only reason I feel we won is because we had some luck and capitalized on our opponents bad decisions. I believe you set yourself up to be lucky and get yourself into high percentage areas to gain these and take full advantage, so it's not a bad thing.

Him leaving his most expensive unit behind the crab and my play to stop those bikers and redirect them to where I wanted them to go was the set up my girlfriend needed to take full advantage of fateweaver and be able to basically seal the deal.

It was a great game a lot of fun, I enjoyed it a lot. Best of all my girlfriend told me to stop telling her what her stat line is and she's getting that info herself. I think her space wolves and my tau will be a nasty combo to go against.

Anyways guys I've vegged enough. Happy holidays. Hope you enjoyed the read sorry if there are some inaccuracies.
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