1400 points vs Imperial Guard

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Re: 1400 points vs Imperial Guard

Post#19 » Feb 21 2011 03:33

Ell'ran wrote: If you don't like the way I play then I'm truly sorry, but I can't help it and no amount of convincing arguments will get me to change who I am. I do listen to my elders, and advice from sources outside of my own experience, but just because I listen doesn't mean I'm required to apply anything.

Then what is the point in posting here? The whole point of a forum is two-way discussion, so if you are not going to change your mind no matter how convincingly the point is argued, where is the productive discussion?

Peregrine wrote:40k as in real life, is also part math, and part art. You can know all the science behind the game and you can mathhammer things to death if you so desire. I, however, don't have the patience for that kind of extensive point-mongering.

Unfortunately, this means you are going to lose more often. Like it or not, 40k is a game of dice, and people who don't understand how the dice behave tend to lose games of dice.

Peregrine wrote:The Tau to you are an offensive army. We are all, of course, allowed to come to our own conclusions though.

The Tau to anyone who wants to win are an offensive army. The tournament results speak for themselves, against skilled opponents with good lists, Tau win by playing offensively. It's the natural conclusion of having the ability to bring a lot of focused, efficient firepower, but lacking any good long-term defensive units (our suicide screens can't defend for long, so unless they're buying time for a primarily offensive strategy they just die uselessly).


hownowbrowntau wrote:It sounds like you two are examples of two fundamentally different theories, the back loading and front loading approaches to list design. Peregrine is extoling the concept of hitting your opponent so hard that he hasn't got anything to chew you up with, whereas the original poster's apporach is to concentrate more on defensive capacity, so he can't chew on you as much.

I understand perfectly well what his approach is, my point is that his approach simply does not work. He won this game because his opponent was terrible at 40k, not because his strategy was a good one in general.

And yes, Peregrine, I agree: offense provides a form of defense all of its own, and no, the original poster hasn't optimised for either approach. Not all players are interested in min/max'ing out their lists. It's hard to get your head around that sometimes, but they still have fun.

If you aren't trying to improve your skills/list and win more games (and yes, optimizing your list is mandatory if you want to win), what is the point of posting on a forum about tactics? I concede that some people just don't care how much they lose, but those people don't usually post about it.

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Re: 1400 points vs Imperial Guard

Post#20 » Feb 21 2011 03:48

Peregrine please look at this as a request by the OP to discuss how he could perhaps perform better with the list he has. Tactics involved in how to use his units most effectively. NOT how to make a great list.

I agree that a very large portion of this game is list building but if the OP doesn't want to change the units themselves then he is perhaps looking for advice on how to use what he has more effectively.

By your point of view there is no reason to even have ATT since there is no discussion to be had this many years after the past codex and years since 4ed. You've come to a conclusion about the best way to run Tau (albeit agreed upon by many others) but that does nothing to foster discussion either. If every thread that said "I played Peregrine's way; discuss" people would say nothing.

Right or wrong, the OP wants to play with "those" units and you're not going to persuade him to switch to XV8s so if you'd like to help him out maybe focus on how he could utilize them better. I think you're on to something with the specific load outs of the units but if he refuses to listen to that good advice, just leave it at that.

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