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[Tutorials|Supplies|Schemes] Official ATT Painting Resource

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Painting Guides, Supplies and Tutorials
Compiled by Shas'El Tael, including contributors from the members of ATT.

The following is a complete list of ATT's major painting resources. Templates, Guides, Suppliers, Galleries and Videos. First are our membership generated articles and tutorials, following these are links to external resources and hobby articles. Enjoy your browse, you should find what you are after with this extensive listing.

Advanced Tau Tactica Member Generated Resources :

Painting Tau Tutorial by Shas'El Tael.
Painting Tau Tutorial by TauSmith.
Painting Pathfinders: A step-by-step guide (Red & White Scheme)
Painting the Devilfish: Bork'an Devilfish Painting Guide by Deathproof.

Painting a Tau Army - An Advanced Course by Freeloader.
Advanced Painting Tau Tutorial (Detailing, shading and glows) by Cire Mont'yr.
Painting Tau Skin by Shas'El Tael.

Painting Lenses by Shas'El Tael.
Painting A Glow Effect Member Compilation.
Painting Straight Lines by Vak.
Painting Urban Camouflage - example #1 by Mu'Kau
Painting Urban Camouflage - example #2 by lostinnm
Painting XV8 battle damage by Freeloader
Painting yellow by Cipher-032

Alternate Techniques
Wet Palette Painting by D6Veteran.
Airbrush & Oils for Detailing by Tyto.

How To
Mobile Spray Booth by ZuluHutu.
Paint Stripping by ATT Members.
Airbrush Help Required by Cire Mont'yr, answered by ATT Members.

Tau Colour Scheme Templates

Image Image Image Image
Average file size : 500kb. (BMP, Jpeg, PSD formats)

Colour Scheme Generators

Tau Firewarrior Scheme Selector
A gift from Brother Argos of Bolter&Chainsword.com, for our part in their April Fools makeover joke for the B&C members. A superb generator tool.

Adobe Kuler, a Paint Scheme selector
Pick a Base colour to create, complimentary, contrasting and shades for strong schemes.

Colour Scheme Gen.2
Base colour selector which reflects complimentary, contrasting and shades instantly, with a lot of variations thrown in. For the serious painter, a little more detailed than Adobe's above.

Reaper Miniatures : Power Palette (linked by Meckboy)
A colour selection tool by Reaper Miniatures which allows you to pick colours from an image and generate a Reaper Miniatures Paint colour code from the results. Upload an image, then click inside it; the Power Palette will give you the Master Series Paint color or colors it thinks are either close matches to the point you chose or colors you can mix together to get a great custom color! While, obviously, pictures of miniatures themselves would be useful, any picture is fair game; find a paint match for your favorite sports team, a skin tone from an alien in your favorite movie, or whatever else you can imagine!

Tutorials, Guides & Advice
General Advice guides from Jenova, a renowned European painterix.
A respected painting tutorial blog. Multiple guides on various techniques.
Vallejo Techniques
Painting techniques and advice when using Vallejo Acrylics. Superb guide.
Mecha Weathing
Building and Weathering Mecha an advanced guide.

Video Techniques
Brush Or Die & Tab studio
Several in the series, including:
Priming a miniature
Paint washes to show flaws

submitted by adb

Major Galleries
Global Golden Demon Gallery
French made (English supported) collection of every major Gamesday Golden Demon globally for the last ten years.
Cool Mini Or Not
A web gallery with ratings for all types of miniatures. Thousands of models to search through and admire.

Painting Aids
Critical Mass Games' MaskFX
A sticker masking product to assist in very accurate camouflage painting effects.

Hobby Paints Manufacturers
Reaper "Pro-Paint"
Large range from a long running US Miniature company.
Derivan Minis
Paint range. Australian product, with larger than average bottles. Superb tips and technicques archive.
Acrylicos Vallejo
Model and Game Colour, Vallejo has charts for colour matching other paint ranges also.
Italian manufacturer of basic matte colours, basic gloss colours, mimetic colours and Camouflage Set series, all of which are aimed at WW2 style colouring. Also have a range of acrylic agents for weathering models.
Guide to GW Paint Colour Creation Painting
Advanced technique in creating original GW paints from bygone era. Quite extensive write up on mixing of colours.

Paint Reviews by Jenova
A review of several paint ranges, including the above, by highly respect paintrix, Jenova.
Paint Range Compatibility Chart by DakkaDakka.
Superb visual guide to several paint ranges.

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